I’m Bad at Photography, The Guest Won’t Leave, and Where’s My Chocolate Pie?

Saturday.  Photo Club day.  Scott took a picture for us and our job was to recreate it as closely as possible: blurry background, placement of subject, lighting, etc.

Here is his original, brilliantly-gorgeous picture, unedited.

And here are my pitiful attempts at recreating it.

Blurry, too close to flowers, too tall.

Don’t take pictures of people when they’re blinking.

Or talking.

This was my best shot, unedited.  Not as good as Scott’s, but that’s because he refused to wear the earrings and mascara.

And here’s where Scott grabbed my camera, took a picture with it, and it looks better than my miserable attempts.

How?  How is it possible for him to take a picture on my camera, with my settings, and it looks better?  I checked the settings and they were the same, but the lighting looks better in Scott’s picture.  Rays from heaven shine down and angels sing when he’s the one taking the picture.  I’m not sure if he’s really impressive or really irritating.


Scott; using a Nikon!  We had to dash it from his hands before the world imploded.  Y’all don’t know how close to Armageddon we came today.


I still have a guest in the house, so I’m going to sign off now.  It’s rude to ignore your guests.  ‘Course, speaking of heaven and angels, Darling Husband is playing his guitar along to Stairway to Heaven, and the guest is talking on his phone, so I guess we’re all being rude together.

Where’s that chocolate pie the guest brought for dessert?

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