Loogie Hocking, Mini-Golf, and Kevin Hams for the Camera

If you recall from yesterday, Nephew insisted on tagging along with us to the roller skating rink today even though he’s never been roller skating.  I have to say, he did very well.  But as I expected, after about 20 minutes of inching around on the carpet, he was getting bored.  So was I.

So I taught him how to shoot pool instead, since there were two pool tables there and only 75 cents a game.  He’s 13 years old and never played, and I haven’t played in at least 13 years, so I figured we were even.

We played dreadfully and I was fuzzy about the rules, so we  made it up as we went along.   We both agreed that the cue balls are supposed to stay on the table and not leap over the edge in a sneaky attempt to escape.  And we were also in agreement that you’re not supposed to take out the kid on skates behind you with an overly aggressive use of the pool cue.  Before we were done, we’d collected an audience of curious little boys who were drawn to the danger and mayhem.  They leaned against the table…silent…watching…hoping the cue ball would leap and hit them on the nose.  What a great story that would be to tell the kids at school!

I’m liking getting to be the aunt who teaches her nephew how to shoot pool.  Next month it’s poker. And the month after that, loogie hocking.


This evening the 5 -12 year old boys at church were invited on a field trip to the local arcade/laser tag/mini golf/bumper car/batting cage place.

Earlier this week I made the mistake of emailing the coordinator of the event to ask if they had enough room in the church vans for the smaller children’s car seats.  I grudgingly offered to drive the minivan if they needed more room.  Apparently it’s true that tone don’t always come across in email, because instead of correctly interpreting my tone as grudgingly, she wrongfully interpreted it as cheerful willingness to help.

My plan was to schlep a vanload of kids to the place, and then sit in the van reading a book. Isn’t that what the professional bus drivers do?  Somehow or other, I became one of the leaders of the 5-7 year olds group and had to get out of the van and help.

Kevin, from photo club, was helping with the 5-7 year olds, too.  The first thing he asked me was, “Did you bring your camera?”  Why do people keep asking me this?  Of course I brought Clarisse.  Silly Kevin.

So, later when we were playing mini-golf and my golf ball was the only one that went flying into the water and Kevin gallantly offered to get it for me, he said, “This will make a good picture.” He made sure to ham it up for the camera and stayed with his arm outstretched reaching for the ball until he was sure I got the shot: “Did you get it?!”  I’m telling you, men love hamming it up for the camera.

Then there were the bumper cars.  One little kid kept his bumper car going around and around and around in circles right before eating his ice cream.  I told Kevin, “You wanna bet that’ll be the kid who pukes on the drive home?  Because someone’s gotta puke.”  Nope.  He didn’t puke.  It was Boy9 who puked on the drive home.  It’s just not a party unless somebody pukes.

Boy9’s age group played laser tag and their leaders got to play, too.  Lucky dogs.  I asked Daryl, one of the leaders, if he’d ever played before.  He said, “No.  I’m not sure I really want to, but they keep telling me I should.”  I told him he should and that he’d love it.  He looked noncommittal.

An hour later, when we all met up over the ice cream, Daryl was red cheeked and sweaty, so I knew he’d played.  I asked him, “What’d you think?”  And his eyes got all bright and he gushed, “It was great!  I can’t wait to come back!  I love Laser Tag!  It was fun!”  I’ll have to invite Daryl to my 40th Birthday Laser Tag Party.


Michael (remember this picture?  Michael is the one pointing)…

…bumped into Vince (remember Vince?  My guest writer)…

…at McDonald’s this evening.

They’ve never met before, but Michael immediately recognized Vince from The Blog.  Pretty cool, huh?  Get yourself in The Blog and you become a local celebrity.  Michael introduced himself and they had a lovely little chat.

I was just telling someone the other day that when I have my Laser Tag Party that everyone will know everyone else at the party without having actually met them in person.  You’ll have read about each other in The Blog.


Dinner last night: leftovers.

Dinner tonight: homemade pizza (always have homemade pizza on Thursday.)