Saw the Peep Show, Had Another Good Cry, and Provided Pre-Movie Entertainment

Went to see Titanic today.  The first time around, it came out the same day as a James Bond movie–Tomorrow Never Dies.  I had to make the heart wrenching decision about which movie to see first.  Bond won.

Today I went to the movie with Michael and Kim because Darling Husband doesn’t like movie theaters.  You’ve met Michael on the blog in the past few days.  Kim is Michael’s wife and is one of my favorite people because she laughs at all my jokes, even when I’m not making them.  There I am, trying my best to have a conversation like all the normal people, but she laughs anyway.  Anyone who laughs at my jokes, intentional or not, is a favorite.

When we arrived, two other friends happened to be there too; Leah and Tonka.    I pulled out Clarisse to take pictures and Leah said, “Oh, look!  You brought Clarisse!”  But of course, Leah, did you doubt me?  Or were you just making small talk?  As I took pictures of them she said, “Wait.  Didn’t you bring your tripod so you can be in the picture, too?”

“I have my mini tripod, but I’m not sure where I’d set it up…”

Leah said, “Set it up way down there under the screen.  C’mon…we all know Clarisse has a great zoom.”

Clarisse does have a great zoom, but do I have a great zoom?  It was a honkin’ big theater.  The largest one they had.  I had only 10 seconds to get from below the screen to halfway up the theater.

I set up Clarisse, waited for the aisles to clear since I didn’t want to crash spectacularly into some poor soul entering the theater with their jumbo sized popcorn (just 25 cents more), clicked the button and took off…

The first time, I wasn’t even in the shot.  It was just too far and the steps were uneven.  Two short steps, one long step.  I couldn’t pick up enough speed on the uneven terrain.

Someone suggested that I sit in a row a little further down, so we’d all be in the shot, only in different rows.  For my second attempt, I’m in the shot, but am a fuzzy blur.

Michael caught attempt #1 and #2 on video.

Third time was the charm and I made it.  Course, after it was all done, I remembered that I could manually set my timer to up to 30 seconds.  Doh!

With the silliness of the day over, we settled in to watch our three hour long movie.  I cried, as usual.  Not so much about doomed Jack and Rose, but about all those poor desperate people who knew they were dying.  Because don’t we all fear knowing we’re dying?  I’d rather go quickly or in my sleep (preferably quickly in my sleep), than to know the end is coming.


All in all, it was a busy day today.  Started off in Westminster at the Peep Show, saw the movie in Gettysburg, had dinner in Hanover, and dropped off a little gift for a friend in Taneytown, under cover of darkness.

Speaking of the Peep Show, here’s a picture of me in front of my entry.  The coordinators of the event put a sign next to my picture reading, “Special Achievement: LOL award.”  But of course.

This is a shot of a beleaguered woman forced to wear a peep costume and stand on the side of the road waving at passing cars.  She’s wearing an “I hate my life” smile for the shot.

And here are some entries that I liked:

Grapes and wine

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P.S. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, I posted both of Michael’s videos of my mad dashes through the theater.