Men Compare Their Toys and Cows Don’t Know Their Own Strength

I didn’t post a new picture yesterday, since my guest writer wanted to write about events of a week ago. But I did take a picture yesterday.

I was at church jabbering at someone and Darling Husband wandered off.  I found him later in the atrium with Michael.  They were sitting side by side staring at their iPads.  “Oh, look,” I thought to myself, “Michael finally got an iPad.”

If you recall, I refer to Darling Husband’s iPad as my sister wife and named her Stella.  Michael got an iPhone 4S on the same day he got his iPad.  His wife was lamenting the fact that she ended up with two sister wives in a single day.

Then Jeff showed up.  And lo and behold, he, too, had just bought an iPad.  The three of them sat there discussing different apps and comparing each other’s covers for their iPads.

Then Kevin wandered by the window.  Darling Husband banged on the window and motioned for Kevin to come over with his iPad.  Here’s the picture again of Kevin’s Baby Boy iPad–he arrived about two weeks ago.

Baby boy iPad

When Kevin arrived at the table, Jeff exclaimed, “Look at that cover!”

Kevin, with his beautifully garmented iPad, was much like Boy9 showing his friends the knife he found at the dump: it created quite a stir.    Because Kevin’s was clearly the best.

I captured on film (memory card) the exact moment that Kevin sat down and propped open the iPad on the cover.  I will reveal the picture to you, piece by piece.

First, this is Kevin.  When I think of Kevin, I picture a crystal goblet of clear water: calm and serene.  Look at him; bright-eyed and with maybe a slight touch of, dare I say it, smugness?  Oh yes, at $49.99 he knows he has the best cover.


Next we see Darling Husband.  He’s smiling, but it’s not quite reaching his eyes.  “I just couldn’t do it.  I just couldn’t spend more than $29.99 for the cover.  On principle, you know.”  But, my-oh-my, Kevin has a nice cover.  Do we detect a tinge of regret?


And then comes Michael.  How does one even describe Michael?  If you’ve ever seen that scene in Ratatouille where the main rat is describing what food tastes like to him and there are flashes of light and colors and swirling shapes: that’s Michael.  Michael is one of those people who gets an idea and then is ready to go.  When I told him I was thinking of adding a secret passageway in my house, we had to hold him back from taking a sledgehammer to the wall right then and there: “Let’s do this thing!”

At $39.99, Michael’s cover was the closest contender to Kevin’s, and you can see that he’s not jealous or wistful.  He’s just interested in what Kevin picked out.


And then there’s Jeff.  Jeff is the one who exclaimed, “Look at that cover!”  Jeff is one of those people who comes across a bit serious at first, but you quickly realize it’s just a ruse.  One minute he’s deadpanning something, and you’re not quite sure—did he just make a joke?—and then he’s giving you a big goofy grin.

Poor Jeff bought a $15.99 cover.  As you can see, Jeff was the most bedazzled by the awesomeness that was Kevin’s cover.  Who’s with me in thinking that the $15.99 cover will be replaced in the near future?



For today’s picture, Traci, of Traci-cake fame, told me where I could find a great tree in the middle of a field.  Here she is again.  I just love this picture of her.

Traci, with a cake

She thought the tree in the field would make a great picture and gave me directions to find it.  Part of the directions to get to the tree included, “you’ll go past the cow farm…”  You get directions like that a lot around here.  “The auction will be held at the old Wetzel farmstead.”  And that’s all the direction you’ll receive.  It’s how they keep track of the natives versus the outsiders. I never did find the auction. I’m clearly an outsider.

Back to the story.

I waited too long to drive out to the tree and all the blossoms had already fallen off of it, so I didn’t take a picture of it.  But I wasn’t about to turn around and head home empty-handed.  With a 30 mile round trip to the tree at 28 miles to the gallon, it cost me about $4.00 just to look at the tree.  The only other thing around to take pictures of were the cows.

I pulled over and got out of the car.  This interested one of the cows and she looked right at me.  Perfect!  I know from experience that pictures of cows can be pretty boring, unless they’re looking at you.

Wha...? Something's happening.

Speaking of pretty boring, it must be pretty boring to be a cow.  The cows were fascinated by me and started staring.  In this picture, five cows are looking at me.

Five cows

Before I knew it, the entire herd made its way over to me to stare at me through the fence.  This was the most exciting thing to ever happen to them.  I took lots and lots of pictures.  If I moved too suddenly, the cows all startled and backed up a few paces.  Which was just silly because they easily outweighed me by, oh, 600 pounds and could have rushed that fence and trampled me to death.

Lotsa cows


Decided to start including what I ate for dinner, since I’ve been accused by two different people of not knowing how to cook.  They’re semi-right.  I can semi-cook.  A side benefit to including my dinners is that I’ll know the answer to, “Dear?  Is this any good?  When did you cook it?”

Today’s dinner: Couscous cooked in broth with cumin, pepper, corn, chopped tomatoes, garbanzo beans, feta cheese and walnuts.


Song of the day:  Sunshine of your Love.