My Life Is More Glamorous Than Yours

From reading my blog entries, I know you think my life is filled with glittering adventures: forays to the countryside photographing the local wildlife, high energy sports, receiving gifts of jewelry and chocolate from men.

In reality, my life is pretty dull.  I mean, standing around on the side of the road taking pictures of cows?  Really?  And the laser tag was hardly high energy.  We were all bumbling around in the dark missing our targets more than hitting anything.  Unless you count the two times that my own teammate shot me.

I did receive gifts of jewelry and chocolate from men, but it was just Jin giving me that pair of earrings for free.  I’m pretty sure his mom brought them back with her from her trip to China so they probably only cost them a nickel.  And Gerhard was just being polite giving me that Cadbury Egg.  He could hardly eat one in front of me without offering me one, could he?

Today, for instance, was pretty dull.  I puttered around and spent a huge portion of the day admiring my empty closet.  I live in a tiny little house made in 1949 with tiny little closets.  Put more than a single sweater and a t-shirt in one of the closets and it’s bulging.  The benefit of this is that if you squeeze in the shirts just right, the pressure of the clothes jammed against each other presses out all the wrinkles.  The con is that if you squeeze in the shirts just wrong, you end up with a wrinkled wad.

I was admiring my closet because I cleaned it out.  Five bags full.  Such a lovely feeling.

Such a boring day deserves a boring picture, don’t you think?

Yes, that's a Tardis.

Bags headed to Goodwill

Other than staring at my empty closet, I went grocery shopping.  I usually go on Wednesday, so the weather wasn’t expecting me to go and didn’t have time to generate rain, sleet or snow.  And Darling Husband did not come with me.  It truly is the age of Aquarius.

At the grocery store I overheard a charming young couple having a quiet conversation while shopping together.  Man tried to edge the cart toward the checkout and Woman grabbed control of it, hissing “I’m not done!  I shouldn’t have let you come along.  Sheesh!”

Ahhh.  L’amour.


Boy9 had a friend visit today.  I overheard the following conversation.  (All questions and answers were delivered with complete sincerity.)

If you could choose between a Clone or a Jedi, which would you be?

A Sith.

Oh.  Ok, then: if you could choose between a Clone, a Jedi, or a Sith which would you be?

A bounty hunter.


Star Trek Stats:

Number of love sick males (males!): 1

Love-sick females cry a lot and crumple to the ground and betray the Federation.  Love-sick males become homicidal and try to hijack the Enterprise, resulting in….

Number of Vulcan Death Grips:  1


Number of “He’s dead, Jim” pronouncements: 1

Number of cute female telepaths who need to be seduced by Captain Kirk so that their minds are properly emptied so they can’t tell that Spock is sneaking around: 1

Number of temporarily insane Vulcans who snuck around looking at the Medusa Alien when he should have listened to the telepath and left well enough alone: 1


Dinner:  Shrimp scampi mixed with spinach and tomatoes over angel hair pasta.