About DustyLizard




I’m 42.  I have a husband, two sons, and a cat. I’m a photography hobbyist.

I live a remarkably hum-drum life.  Read this blog at your own risk. Don’t believe half of what you see here. In order not to bore myself (and you) to tears I have to rely on wild exaggeration.


11 thoughts on “About DustyLizard

  1. I love your photography and your writing. I have recommitted to photography myself. I would love to share photography with you as we both practice and enjoy! I think I recall we live relatively near one another as well. -Danielle (from WTM)

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for liking (“Like”) my humor blog Tygerpen. http://www.tygerpen.wordpress.com
    I must admit I am so far behind on current cameras and related technology.

    Sometimes I use the term “brownie” and friends who know my chocolate habit think I’m talking about the bar cookie, and not the type of Brownie camera. (What do they know?)

    I also liked your photo, although I couldn’t tell if you’re on the right or left,..?

    Best wishes,


  3. You are too hilarious! I also enjoy taking pictures and writing about it 🙂 I have decided to follow your blog so I can keep up with your adventures.

    • Thanks, SMC! Writing every day is an adventure. Most days I sit down at 8:00 and don’t have a clue what The Blog will be about that evening. I’m scared of the day when I finally run out of things to say.

  4. The post about your boys being wet noodles really made me laugh. Also, the image of Peter Parker bashing in Jimmy Olson’s head. Thanks very much for liking my blog post about teachers at http://www.talesfromahungrylife.wordpress.com. I’m following your blog after I send this comment (I like the idea of being one of the smart people) and look forward to seeing more photos and reading more of your work. Thanks again!

    • I know, I know. This month has been craaaaaazy! I’ve been working on th state mandated scrapbook and my oarents visited for 8 days and i got a *paying* photography job. I’ll be back soon. I miss the blog, too.

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