Nerd Conversations and Mustachioed Drinking Glasses

Some things never change including Darling Husband and my stinginess thriftiness. Friends asked us if we wanted to go to Carrabbas for our birthdays. (Darling Husband’s was yesterday, mine is today.)

Well, duh, yes!

But we don’t want to pay for it. I’m sure they’d have offered to treat us, but nah. No extra spending in December is allowed.  Not for us, not for you.

We made an exception to our no-spending rule for lunch today.  Darling Husband, the boys and I went to a local diner for a birthday lunch. Diners are cheap at lunchtime.  We had a glorious nerd conversation about the direction Doctor Who is headed, the plots for the first two Terminator movies (the only ones that count), and The Hobbit book vs. movie. I think there was talk about Harry Potter and the new Jurassic Park movie thrown in there, too.  It was a nerd conversation bonanza.


My Birthday Gifts:

Drinking glasses with mustaches on them so it looks like you have a mustache while you drink.  Darling Husband is as pleased with getting me that gift as Flick was when he got his dad the flower that squirts water.

All 6 of the old King’s Quest games. The first one is from 1988 and you have to type in what you want your little character to do on the screen. I’m drawing a little map on paper (on paper!) to keep track of where my character is in the game.

My Lunch:

Birthday Lunch

Turkey Salad Melt, Utz Chips, Onion Rings

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