My Life Is More Glamorous Than Yours

From reading my blog entries, I know you think my life is filled with glittering adventures: forays to the countryside photographing the local wildlife, high energy sports, receiving gifts of jewelry and chocolate from men.

In reality, my life is pretty dull.  I mean, standing around on the side of the road taking pictures of cows?  Really?  And the laser tag was hardly high energy.  We were all bumbling around in the dark missing our targets more than hitting anything.  Unless you count the two times that my own teammate shot me.

I did receive gifts of jewelry and chocolate from men, but it was just Jin giving me that pair of earrings for free.  I’m pretty sure his mom brought them back with her from her trip to China so they probably only cost them a nickel.  And Gerhard was just being polite giving me that Cadbury Egg.  He could hardly eat one in front of me without offering me one, could he?

Today, for instance, was pretty dull.  I puttered around and spent a huge portion of the day admiring my empty closet.  I live in a tiny little house made in 1949 with tiny little closets.  Put more than a single sweater and a t-shirt in one of the closets and it’s bulging.  The benefit of this is that if you squeeze in the shirts just right, the pressure of the clothes jammed against each other presses out all the wrinkles.  The con is that if you squeeze in the shirts just wrong, you end up with a wrinkled wad.

I was admiring my closet because I cleaned it out.  Five bags full.  Such a lovely feeling.

Such a boring day deserves a boring picture, don’t you think?

Yes, that's a Tardis.

Bags headed to Goodwill

Other than staring at my empty closet, I went grocery shopping.  I usually go on Wednesday, so the weather wasn’t expecting me to go and didn’t have time to generate rain, sleet or snow.  And Darling Husband did not come with me.  It truly is the age of Aquarius.

At the grocery store I overheard a charming young couple having a quiet conversation while shopping together.  Man tried to edge the cart toward the checkout and Woman grabbed control of it, hissing “I’m not done!  I shouldn’t have let you come along.  Sheesh!”

Ahhh.  L’amour.


Boy9 had a friend visit today.  I overheard the following conversation.  (All questions and answers were delivered with complete sincerity.)

If you could choose between a Clone or a Jedi, which would you be?

A Sith.

Oh.  Ok, then: if you could choose between a Clone, a Jedi, or a Sith which would you be?

A bounty hunter.


Star Trek Stats:

Number of love sick males (males!): 1

Love-sick females cry a lot and crumple to the ground and betray the Federation.  Love-sick males become homicidal and try to hijack the Enterprise, resulting in….

Number of Vulcan Death Grips:  1


Number of “He’s dead, Jim” pronouncements: 1

Number of cute female telepaths who need to be seduced by Captain Kirk so that their minds are properly emptied so they can’t tell that Spock is sneaking around: 1

Number of temporarily insane Vulcans who snuck around looking at the Medusa Alien when he should have listened to the telepath and left well enough alone: 1


Dinner:  Shrimp scampi mixed with spinach and tomatoes over angel hair pasta.

The Bugs Muscled Their Way into my Picture, Two Presents (!), and It’s a Small World

Today is grocery shopping day and wouldn’t you know, as soon as we left the house there was a tremendous downpour.  I told you so!  But at least Darling Husband wasn’t with us, so, shew!, sigh of relief.  I won’t have to cry in the grocery store bathroom.

I shook my fist at the sky and made the rain go away.  But when the sun came out I realized I didn’t have my sunglasses with me, so I had to squint for the rest of the day.

Before the grocery store, the kids and I stopped by Vince’s house to give him a CD of the pictures that I took when we were visiting on Friday. Remember, he told me yesterday that he wants to be a guest blogger and write what “really” happened when we visited.  I don’t know what he’s talking with all this “what really happened” nonsense.  I’m a trustworthy narrator and never, ever exaggerate or make anything up.  Really.  As if.

Vince's Street

This house and barn are on the road that Vince and Gail and their 41 children live on.  Gorgeous!  Had to stop and take pictures.

Then, on to the pediatrician to pick up a prescription.  This house is across the street from the pediatrician.  I have a particular fascination for Dogwood trees against red brick houses; it’s such a pleasing combination.

Dogwood and bricks

Got home after Darling Husband did.  I’d told him to reheat leftovers, but when we got home, he was sadly wandering around the house with a frowny face.  “Why are you looking so sad?”  “I’m not.  I’m trying to remember the last time we ate out.”  Bing!

I called Gerhard and Janet to see if they wanted to go with us, but Gerhard had just finished washing his hands in preparation to try out a new recipe for tortilla soup in his brand new blue Dutch Oven, so they didn’t come with us.

On our way to Li’s Buffet, we saw some lovely clouds.  If you recall, I’m collecting cloud pictures.  But look at these goofy little bugs getting in my shot!  Dumb bugs.  Another day I’ll write about the monster bugs around here.  They live in my basement and work out on the weight bench down there.   There are so many I have to put my name on the sign-up sheet to get a turn on the weight bench.

Dumb bugs

While at Li’s Buffet, Jin pointed out that I was using the chopsticks wrong.  Apparently, it’s a matter of etiquette as to where you hold the chopsticks.  Darling Husband was doing it right so here’s a picture of where you’re supposed to hold the chopsticks. (High—not close to the food.)

Chopsticks. Oyster Sauce. White shirt. Doomed.

Not sure it really worked for Darling Husband, though.  The poor man can’t eat a meal without spilling food all over himself and that goes double for when he’s wearing white.  His first bite of shrimp went winging out of the chopsticks and flew through the air and landed on his shirt.  Same thing happened later with a mushroom.  I couldn’t bear to watch.

While paying the bill I admired some earrings for sale at the counter.  I asked how much they are and Jin said, “For you, they’re free.”  “No, no…I couldn’t.”  “Yes!  Take them.”  “No…really?”  “Yes!”  I think he felt bad for pointing out my bad etiquette with the chopsticks.  Either way; a present!  I love presents!

Aside:  Jin said that the recipes will be completely different at the new restaurant and they hope to open in about a month.  Boy9 told Jin about how he put the cigarette in the Dragon’s mouth at the new restaurant.  Jin said, “I wondered who did that!!”  Here’s the picture again.

Who did that to our dragon???

Then we stopped by the Gettysburg library.  I tried taking pictures of it in the dark, but it was a tricky shot.  I wanted both the well-lit sign and the dark columns.  It was either bright or too dark.  So I used spot metering on the sign and upped the exposure for the columns, and this was the best I got.  It’s so-so.  Not the best, but not horribly bad, and I couldn’t have gotten it at all if I didn’t know about spot metering.    I really should pay Scott in something besides lemon bars.  I can’t believe all the photography stuff I’m learning from him for free.  I wonder if he likes earrings?

Tricky shot.

While we were in the children’s section, we heard the librarian talking on the phone:

“Hello, Gettysburg library.

Sweetie, you’ll have to slow down, I can’t understand you.

No, no…wait.  First, what’s your name?

Can you repeat that slower?
You are Leia Doe.

Yes.  Yes, we have it right here.

No, we’re about to close, but we’ll be open tomorrow at 9:00.”

While we were at the checkout I saw a red lightsaber behind the librarians’ desk.  I thought, “Poor kid who forgot their lightsaber.  I hope they realize they left it at the library and come back for it.”

When we got in the car, Boy9 said, “I wonder if the Leia Doe who called the library was the Leia Doe that we know?”

This made sense.  The Leia Doe that we know talks pretty fast.  And how many kids named Leia Doe are there around here?  I got home and sent her mom a message on Facebook, “Did your Leia call the library this evening?”  Sure enough, it was her!  She’d called because she left her lightsaber there.  Small world.  No, not small world: small town.  You can’t help but know everybody’s business in a small town.

(I wrote about Leia Doe in this post.  You can see her picture—with lightsaber.  She loves that lightsaber.)

Dutch oven, resting in a warm sudsy bath after an evening of hard work.

Got home just in time for Gerhard to call and say the soup was ready and there was a container of it for us if I would come and get it.  Walked down the street to get my soup, and the recipe, and took a picture of the new Dutch oven.  Gerhard also gave me a Cadbury egg.  Two presents in one day!  And of two of my favorite things: earrings and Cadbury eggs.

Snow, Magic Wood, and a Confession

Well guys, get used to it.  This is my picture of the day edited in Elements.  I can never get it to work right…  Once is gone in April, we’ll be stuck with this.

Here it is edited in Picnik, which I prefer because it works better.   Obviously.

This is the picture of the day for a few reasons.

First, this is a picture of the day because of the snow.  See the happy husband?  He loves snow.  I woke up last night at 3 a.m. and Darling Husband wasn’t in bed.  He’d gotten out of bed in the middle of the night to gaze affectionately at the snow.

Second, this is a picture of the day because it’s about a gift.  Darling Husband is taking a box of 100+ year old wood to S, who has a new fireplace.  It was a housewarming present.  Oh!  Look at the pun!  Wood for the fireplace as a housewarming present?!  Oh–so funny.

We call the 100+ year old wood Magic Wood.  I just had a thought: maybe this is the wood they use in the movies.  You know—in the movies: How they put a big ol’ block of wood in the fireplace and casually toss in a match and the whole thing whoofs into a cheery blaze?  Versus in real life where you have to … oh, just read the blog about the fireplace for my rantings about how arduous it is to start a fire.

With the Magic Wood you can just toss it in the fireplace and use a piece of flint to get the fire going.  We got this wood when they were tearing down an old mill in town and getting rid of the wood.  We’ve been rationing it out so that we can use it as our firestarter wood for many years to come.  Once our supply is gone, it’s gone forever.  It was a truly precious gift to our friend.
Wow.  That last paragraph makes us sound like hicks.  Taking a bunch of wood to someone so they can build a fire?  I’m telling you, when you live in an area where the schools actually close for the first day of hunting season, it starts to rub off on you.  When they first told me that the schools were closed because “it’s the first day of hunting season,” I laughed.  What a funny joke!  As if this area was so hickish that they’d actually close schools for hunting season!  Ha ha ha!

Yeeeah.  They weren’t kidding.

And now we find ourselves taking our 100+ year old Magic Wood as a housewarming present.  He outta be thankful we didn’t take him chickens.  When I found three ticks in the backyard last year (and one tick on my kid’s ear—oh horrible!), I seriously considered getting chickens.  (They eat ticks, for you city folk.)

Third, it’s the picture of the day so that I can make a confession.  I did not take this picture with Clarrisse.   We got 10 minutes into the 15 minute drive to S’s house when I realized my lips were chapped (and hurt real bad.)  I reached for the chapstick in my purse and….no purse!  Which meant no Clarrisse!   I had to pull the car over and put a paper bag over my head until I settled down.  I was ready to turn back for Clarrisse, but Darling Husband said, “Just use S’s camera.”

Grimace.  To use S’s camera would mean I’d have to admit to S that I forgot mine.  And S knows that barely a week ago I made gleeful fun of K for forgetting his camera and told K he wouldn’t be allowed to come to Photo Club anymore, because “you should always have your camera.”

No Star Trek today.  Instead I shoveled snow.

Batman Uno results:

Bettina: 199

Jeff: 162

Me: 109

Barbetta: 45

Jesse: 33

Darling Husband…..25.  He won again.  The first time was an anomaly.  The second time is perplexing.  If he wins a third time, I may have to admit that I’m not the Queen of Uno anymore.  Mortifying!