Juggling, Bamboo, and Pictures from the Dressing Room

Photo Club today.  You may think it’s all fun and games at photo club, but actually…

…well, actually it is all fun and games.  See?

This is Scott.  Today he planned to teach us how to photograph Things In Motion, so he brought some balls to Photo Club.  Gerhard asked him, “Can you juggle those?”  Scott said he could, but he was a little rusty.  Tennis balls were flying everywhere, bouncing off people’s heads.  Well, not really, but they might have been.

Apparently we had a failure to communicate.  Scott kept juggling and juggling…and juggling.  Gerhard and I took a few pictures and quickly lost interest.  But Scott kept juggling.  Finally, after juggling forever he gasped out, a little desperately, “Didn’t you get the shot yet?

Gerhard and I looked at each other.

“What?  What shot?  Oh!  Yeah, yeah!  We got the shot!  Thanks for juggling…”

But Scott wasn’t the only one having fun.  After all the juggling, it was Gerhard’s turn to roll the balls around on the table while we took pictures.  Obviously, Gerhard was having a great time.

After Photo Club I went in search of a shirt.

This one is hideous.  What’s up with the round shadow just where the belly button should be?  It’s disturbing.  I left it at the store where it could disturb some other woman.

This next one seemed to fit well until I tried taking a picture and then it hitched up.  I will not buy clothes that I can’t take pictures in.  Earlier at Photo Club we thought we’d have to lie on the floor to take the pictures of the balls rolling around.  Scott asked if we were all dressed in clothes we could lie on the floor in.

I assured him I only buy clothes I can lie around on the floor in.  You never know when you’ll have to lie on the floor to get The Shot.

I didn’t buy this shirt because I can’t be tugging on my shirt every time I take a picture.

I grabbed this off the rack, thinking it was a sweater.  But once I got in the dressing room, I realized it was a cape with a hood.  As you can tell, I look goofy in capes.  And I look goofy without bangs.  Left it in the store, too.

These sweaters were nice and they sure aren’t gonna hitch up when I take pictures.

I couldn’t decide on a color, so I took a picture of both of them hoping that by looking at the pictures I could make a decision.

I liked the stripey one best.  The plain one shows every little wrinkle in my pants and is distracting.  Bought the stripey one.

Everyone needs a flannel shirt.  These flannel shirts are at Old Navy.  They’ve been there since 1994.  It says so on the label.  I wonder if I’m supposed to be impressed that Old Navy has been selling flannel shirts since 1994.

I’m not impressed.  I’m depressed.  It makes me feel old.  I mean, are they inferring that, “Shooooeeee!  We’ve been selling flannel shirts for a loooong time!  Ever since nineteen ninety-four!  That’s, like, forever!

Wasn’t ’94 just last week?

I don’t like this one.  I think it’s the color.

Yes, it’s the color.  Because this is the same shirt, but in blue and I like it.

Got home to find Darling Husband and the boys ready to head out to JJ’s Hibachi Buffet.

JJ’s decorated their tables with little bamboo plants.  While most of the other diners were up getting food from the buffet, I sat on the floor to get a picture of the plant.  (I told you so.  You just never know when you’ll have to lie on a floor to get the picture.)  It’s a little blurry, but the other diners came back so I had to get up off the floor.  I’ll try again another day.

Here’s another picture of the plant from a different angle, which didn’t require lying on the restaurant floor.

Hmmm.  I wish I’d focused on the part of the spiral that’s closest to the camera. Well, I guess we’ll just have to go back to JJ’s so I can try again!

Bear Eating Eagles, Bales of Hay, Professional Models, and Exhausted Bicyclists

This is my friend, Scott.  He’s the leader of Photo Club.

Tragically, Scott doesn’t have a good of a sense of humor, like I do, and he struggles to keep up with my wit in The Blog.  Oftentimes, he thinks that what he reads here is fact.  Poor misguided soul.  Whenever he reads in The Blog that it takes me 30 minutes to compose a single picture, he thinks it’s truth and weeps in despair.  “I’ve taught her for a year and a half, and she still doesn’t get it?!”

The poor man is becoming increasingly depressed about my apparent lack of progress in photography.  You can tell from the picture.  Do you remember just a month ago, when he showed up at Photo Club all dapper in his nice pants and tie?  And now, this week, he didn’t bother to shave and wore a hat over his unwashed hair.  See the haunted look in his tired eyes?

This is my friend, Leah.  She is the newest member of Photo Club, today being her first meeting.

But look over her shoulder.  See The Eye?

This is part of a painting of Jesus.  It’s 5 feet tall and stays in the atrium of our church and is a really nice painting, painted by a local artist.  However, every single time I go home from Photo Club, I find The Eye peering over someone’s shoulder.  Sometimes it’s peering over Kevin’s shoulder, sometimes it’s peering over Gerhard’s…it doesn’t matter whose shoulder it is.  The Eye is always watching…

Back to the story.

Leah bought herself an Alex (Nikon D5100) and has grand photography plans.  You see, Leah is going on an Alaskan cruise next year.  She has wanted to go on this cruise for her entire life.  And she wants pictures to remember it by.

First, she said she wants a picture of a whale.  Then she said she also wants a bear picture.  Oh, and don’t forget the eagle.  And the Northern Lights.  And something about a dead seal.  Of course, all of the pictures must be National Geographic worthy.

We figure she’s got one shot at a National Geographic picture, so she’d better make the most of it.  By the end of Photo Club we’d determined that she needs a picture of a whale eating a seal, with an eagle flying by with a bear in its talons, while an iceberg is sheering off in the background and the Northern Lights are lighting the sky.  After I got home, Darling Husband added, “How about an oil spill in progress, off in the distance?”

In order for Leah to get this shot, she needs some serious photography lessons.  Which all falls on Scott’s shoulders.

Poor Scott.  Since he’s laboring under the delusion that I don’t know how to use my camera, and now Leah needs to learn photography from the ground up, today at Photo Club he pulled out The White Board.

Kevin and Gerhard are exempt from these grueling White Board lessons, so they entertained themselves.  Or maybe they’re napping.

After our classroom lesson, it was time to practice the White Board lesson.  Leah’s assignment was to play with creating a shallow depth of field and practice focusing on different things.  Here’s an example of shallow depth of field and focusing on different things: (it means that part of the picture is blurry, and when you focus on different things, different parts of the picture get blurry.)

Kevin is blurry, Leah is clear

Leah is blurry, Kevin is clear.

Leah arranged some glass acorns and started focusing on different acorns to compare their blurry/clear ratio.

But she was doing it wrong, obviously, and Scott told her, “Crouch down!”

There’s a lot of crouching in photography.  It’s good that Leah is learning this early on.  By the end of Photo Club, I was sitting on the floor, as usual, and Leah was, too, practicing taking my portrait.   (Look at this picture–it’ll only take you a second.)

Leah’ll get used to it, I’m sure.


On the way home from Photo Club, Gerhard showed me where there’s a field with newly baled hay.  You may remember that I’ve been wanting to take pictures of bales of hay in a field.

But before I went out to take pictures of the hay, I had to stop by at home because Kim and Michael were on their way to a wedding and they dropped off their son for us to watch.  They looked so dashing, that I pulled out Alex and without taking any longer than mere seconds I had lovely pictures of them.  See, Scott.  No fears.  I don’t really take a half hour to set up the shot.  I took these pictures in under 5 minutes–going from indoors in the Atruim, to outside in full sun, so there were a lot of settings to change.

Here’s Michael, preparing for the shot.  If you remember, he and Kim are part of the Official Happy Family of Gettysburg, and on the cover of the Gettysburg Magazine in Visitor Centers around the nation.  They’re professional models now.

Posing.  Look at that arm!


But this is where I broke the news to them that there were no lego sets as a reward for smiling nicely at the camera.  Not so happy anymore:


Then I headed out to the hay field and got these very lovely shots, plus a whole bunch more, but I’m running out of time so here are only a couple:

Yes, yes. I gave it the Orton treatment, but it really was begging. Please, please–make me bloomy and vibrant–pretty please!

Edna, do you see those clouds?! I got ’em!

And then!  Then!

As I was getting my hay shots, I noticed a van on the side of the road.  The van is part of Race Across America.  Race Across America is a bicycle race that starts in Oceanside, California and ends in Annapolis Maryland.  Click here for all the details.  

I asked the men inside the van (from team Flying Hosers) if I could take their picture and they said,  “Just a sec!  The cyclists are about to switch.”  This team has two cyclists who have been biking non-stop since last Saturday from California.  By the time I met them, they had about 70 more miles to go in their 3000 mile trip.  How lucky for me to happen upon them just as the cyclists were switching!

Here are various shots:

Joel is approaching, exhausted.

Getting closer…

Cara is ready to take over from Joel

I drove a little ahead and then pulled over, so I could get a picture of Cara cycling by.

I asked if I could get close up shots of Joel, who was the cyclist who had just arrived.  I asked him to stand by the back of the van by the bikes, and the poor man staggered around to the back.  I didn’t realize how exhausted he was until he staggered around, or I wouldn’t have bothered the poor man.

No, that’s not entirely true.  I would have still taken the picture, but I would have let him sit down for it.

Here he is:

And, yet again, I got the close ups of Joel in under 5 minutes.  Actually, it was under 3 minutes.  See, Scott–all those free lessons weren’t wasted.

If You Can’t Say Something Nice, At Least Make it Funny…or…If You Can’t Laugh at Yourself, Laugh at Your Friends.

Photo Club today.  Being the leader of Photo Club seems to have finally gone to Scott’s head.

First, he arrived in his dressy clothes with a tie, telling us that he would be the model and we would have to take all our pictures of him.  But before we started, he made us sing a song praising his photography skills while he conducted with a baton.

He inspected each picture and if he didn’t like it, he threatened to hit us with the baton.

Not good enough, Kevin! Take it again!

He timed how long it took for us to adjust our camera settings and if we weren’t quick enough…yes, you got it; the baton again.  I’m starting to wonder exactly how Gerhard landed in the hospital.

When the sun came out, Scott brought out his parasol but he wouldn’t share it and forced us to stand in the sunlight taking portrait after portrait.

Poor Kevin was languishing, standing in the blinding sunlight, while Scott was hogging the refreshing shade of the parasol, as you can see from this completely-undoctored-that-I-did-not-play-with-in-any-editing-software-to-make-Kevin-look-sunnier,-honest picture below.

Finally, we’d had enough, and Kevin and I combined forces and took away Scott’s baton and umbrella.  He pouted for the rest of the day.

Not really sure what happened today, because Scott’s normally a pretty nice guy, when he’s not busy whining about how he doesn’t want to be the leader of Photo Club.

In this shot, he even scrunched down so that I could take a picture without my camera pointing up his nose.  No one warned me that you’re supposed to be tall to take pictures.

And then Scott helped me figure out some of my settings by taking a picture of me with Alex.

But now that I’m home and not in the glare of sunlight, and had time to test it, I think something’s wrong with Alex’s metering.  No matter whether it’s on matrix, center weighted, or spot, the camera reacts the exact same way.  I tried those same settings on Clarisse and she reacts differently depending on the setting.  Alex!  What’s going on?!  Come to think of it, Scott spent an awful lot of time alone with Alex the other day…


Went out to dinner at Li’s Buffet.  It’s been almost two weeks!  Too long.  Posted on Facebook something about going to Li’s, and within five minutes the phone rang.  Claude and Kendra wanted to come, too.

Here’s their sweet baby at Li’s Buffet.  She loves Li’s Buffet.  She gets to chew on the chopsticks.  I made her glowy.  Is she too glowy?  Dunno.  Stared at the picture too long and now my eyes are all dried out.

Tragedy for Lynn, a Pet Peeve, and Dagnabbit, I want my Potatoes!!

The blog posts I most enjoy writing are the ones that have an actual point to them, where the entire post is about one thing and I can tell a story or explore an idea from beginning to end.

This one won’t be one of those.  It’s 10:15, I’m just starting to write and I have no clever ideas of what to write about.

On those days (this day), I write strictly about what happened throughout the day.  Which makes sense, being that the whole point of this blog is for me to keep track of what happens every day for a year.

First was Photo Club.  However, due to many differing circumstances, the only two members attending Photo Club this week were Gerhard and me.  For the past couple of days, we wrote back and forth on Facebook figuring out what we were going to do.  We settled on a field trip to the local diner.

Gerhard lives in the house at the other end of my street, so we carpool to Photo Club.  As soon as I got in the car he said, “Well, should we head right to the diner?”  And I said, (and I shouldn’t have) “No, let’s stop by the church to see if anyone new shows up to Photo Club.”

Of course, no one new was going to show up.  I mean, what are the odds?  On the day when none of the members were going to make it and my chipped beef gravy over homefries with sweet tea was waiting for me…surely this would not be the day that someone new showed up, right?

Oh so wrong.

Yup.  New person showed up.  Wanted to learn how to use her camera.  Didn’t have her manual.  Gerhard looked over her camera to figure out how her settings worked and we all chit-chatted while he did.

Gerhard is from Germany.  I’m not sure if this is true of all people from Germany, but Gerhard talks very slowly and deliberately.  Which makes him a great storyteller.  Every word is carefully chosen and profound.

The new lady was from upstate New York and talkedveryquickly.

I was entertained.

And thirsty.

If I’d had known there was going to be a newbie at Photo Club I’d have brought a drink.  Oh, I was thirsty.  And missing my potatoes.

Came home, ate an early lunch, and decided to hang the prize I won at Bunco last night.  You can see it in the picture below.  As I was hanging it, Darling Husband was washing dishes in the kitchen.  There I was, on the stool, tying the prize into place, when the kitchen window flies open and Darling Husband calls out, in great alarm, “Where’s the sock?!?!

He was so distracted by the hanging of the prize that he didn’t noticed that the sock was still there, safe and sound.

Find the sock.

Which reminds me of a story someone once told me.  (It’s 10:30, I don’t have time for stories!  Ahhh!  Here’s the story:)

One day Lynn was driving to work on the Baltimore Beltway.  Traffic was at a standstill from a car accident (as usual.)  As she neared the accident, she noticed that the car looked exactly like her mother’s car.  Hmmm.  Her mother drove that same route to work every day.  She inched closer and sure enough…it was her mother’s car!

In a panic she changed lanes until she was pulled over on the side of the road, right next to the accident.  She burst out of her car, crying and screaming, “That’s my mother!”  The police held her back until she explained, then they led her to her mother, who was strapped down on a gurney, with her head in a brace.

Lynn looked down at her poor mother.  Her poor mother looked up at her, her eyes scared and confused.  Lynn kept sobbing, “Mother, mother!  Are you ok, Mother?”

She followed them onto the ambulance.  And that’s when she looked a little closer at her mother.

Huh?  That’s not my mother! 

It wasn’t her mother!  It was some other woman who looked nothing like her mother!  She had to tell the police, “Er…that’s not actually my mother.  I don’t know this woman…” and slink off back to her car.

So, you can see, that when people panic they don’t always see things clearly, which is why Darling Husband couldn’t see the sock that was still right where it should be.

And that poor woman on the gurney must have had quite a fright:  “I’m her mother?  Oh no!  I have amnesia!  I can’t recognize my own daughter!

After hanging the prize, I wanted to sort out and clean up some toys that were all over the attic floor.

No I didn’t.  What I really wanted to do was to take my book and hide in the nice, warm attic and sit on the bean bag chair and read it with a soda and some Doritos.  And that’s what I did, sort of.  I had the book, bean bag chair and soda, but no Doritos.

Which reminds me of one of my pet peeves.  When I’m planning on sneaking to eat the last of the bag of Doritos, I just hate it when Darling Husband has the same idea, only he gets the idea first.  I had to make do with Easter “fun-sized” Butterfinger candy bars.

At the end of the day when no one felt like making dinner, Darling Husband said, “We should eat dinner at Li’s Buffet.”  He’s really smart and clever like that.  That’s why I married him.  I said, “We can take a board game and play it while we eat,” which sent him into his second panic of the day and he immediately deflected my attack by saying, “How ’bout we see if Gerhard and Janet want to come?”

Due to a misunderstanding, I thought Janet didn’t like going to Li’s Buffet, so I said, “Well, I don’t think Janet will want to go,” to which Darling Husband immediately replied, “How about Claude and Kendra then?”  He was angling to make me forget about the board game.

We called Claude and Kendra.  No answer.  While Darling Husband called, I popped on to Facebook to let the Photo Club people know we’d had a guest at Photo Club.  I suppose they didn’t really care, but I thought it was a little funny that the one day none of them showed up, we had a guest.  And lo and behold, Gerhard was online.

So I went ahead and invited Janet and him to Li’s buffet.  They were out the door and ready to go in ten minutes. And Janet was distressed that anyone could ever let the idea cross their minds that she didn’t want to go to Li’s Buffet.  She loves Li’s buffet!

After we ate a lovely dinner and had a lovely conversation and were just starting our ice cream, who should call but Claude?  And where were Claude and Kendra headed?  Li’s Buffet!

So, we all had a second round of dinner and some more lovely conversation and I made sure to eat lots and lots of potatoes.  They didn’t come with chipped beef gravy, but they did have a lot of butter.  Mmmmmm.

Chinese potatoes

The Daffodils are Put to Work and Zany Photography Humor

f 4, iso 3200, 1/800 sec, no flash

This picture was taken at Photo Club today. We were told to bring a prop.  I brought a prop…or two…or thirty.  Defensively:  I brought enough to share, in case someone didn’t know to bring a prop.  And yes, the Photo Club people thought that was funny for some reason.  “You were supposed to bring A prop.  Not a whole garden.”  Snicker, snicker.

Our assignment:

Must be in aperture priority setting

Manipulate whatever you can in aperture priority setting, making sure that no matter what else you change, the shutter speed never goes slower than 1/125

Move your prop to different settings in the Atrium to see what you need to change in order to keep that shutter speed at 1/125 in differing light conditions.  (ISO, exposure, aperture, flash)

Everything was fine until one pesky member of the Photo Club thought it was really funny to stand behind you and wait until you’d set up your camera for the shot, and then jump into your sunlight the moment you took the picture, then jump back out before you realized it, so that the picture turned out too shadowy, but you couldn’t figure out why.

Photography humor.  Soooooo funny.

I Almost Got Kicked Out of Photo Club Today

I went to Photo Club today. Somebody please save me from Photo Club! Apparently if you want free lessons on photography, you have to be willing to endure endless mockery when you post hideous snapshots of wedding rings on your blog for all the world to see. Including the other members of Photo Club.

I knew when I posted those wedding ring pictures (couple of days ago) that they were ghastly. I was hoping the other members of Photo Club wouldn’t notice.

What makes the mockery worse is that yesterday I had messaged Scott (the leader of photo club) telling him that I felt my photography skills were slipping, and asked him to come up with something clever for us to do at photo club so I could get back up to speed.

So today, after gleefully mocking my wedding ring pictures and threatening to throw me out of Photo Club for posting them, he gave me an assignment: re-take the wedding ring pictures and do it right this time.

(A side note: For those who might be concerned–they were not seriously mocking me. They knew that I knew the pictures were bad. Really, I can take a joke.)

Below are my pictures, sort of. Usually it goes down like this:

I get an assignment from Scott. I wander off, pretending to try to do the assignment. After a few minutes, I’ll actually make a real stab at the assignment, but it falls a little flat. This nettles Scott so much that he’ll come over, make one genius suggestion (“move the camera to the right two millimeters”), and voila! A gorgeous picture! How does he do that?! It’s magic. I’m awed.

So, in a way these are my pictures, but in a way they’re a group effort because I took some ideas from Scott and some from G (another member of Photo Club.)

In this one, Scott suggested I take the picture on a reflective surface, like this marble countertop:

On the marble counter top is a bowl with decorative glass acorns. G was using them in his pictures and so I used them in mine, too. The acorns propped up the rings so you can see under the diamond (where all the soap scum used to be.)

This one was all mine. On the wall is a clock with Roman Numerals for the numbers. The number VI is upside down, so I put the rings on the inverted V for the different textures of metal:

(Wow! Look at all the soap scum still stuck to the sides of the rings! Ewww!)

Here’s where we popped into the car and took a drive to a cavern to take the pictures of the rings:

No, not really. The rocks are part of a column. It was Scott’s idea to put the rings between the rocks in the column. (Here’s a picture of the column if you’re curious. It’s the only picture I have of the columns.)

This last picture is really all Scott’s, but he let me push the button on the camera. He envisioned the picture in his mind, situated the cross where he wanted it, monkeyed with my tripod (which is a challenge) came up with the camera angle, and held the flashlight to create the cross-shaped shadow. But when it was time to take the picture he said, “No, it’s your picture. You push the button.”

So here is Scott’s picture, but it’s on my camera:

Another awesome Saturday at Photo Club.

Invisible Friends, Chick Flicks, Red Sauce and White Shirts

No dead cats today. I promise.

Busy day.

The day started at 9:30 with Photo Club.  B finally showed up.  I am so glad she did.  Not only because I enjoy her company, but because the other members of Photo Club were starting to think I was making her up.  I kinda think they didn’t want her to come, just so they could continue to make fun of me about my invisible friends.

You can tell which one’s B because she has long hair.  It’s a good thing G cut his hippie hair a few years ago, or you might have been confused.

At Photo Club we were supposed to be taking pictures of things around the church.  I decided to take a picture of every cross I could find in the church.

Here are crosses on the lights hanging from the ceiling.

Wow!  In the top picture, the church is well lit!  How did you make the background look black?

I have no idea!!   I focused on the lights and BAM! they turned out like this!  I think it had something to do with white balance or light metering or something.  I dunno.  But aren’t they cool?!

Same thing happened here!  Look in the top picture. Waaaaay up on the platform there are two flags.  One of the flags has this cross as a topper.   I was standing at the bottom of the stairs that lead to the platform and zoooomed in…and it turned out like this, with the black background.   Sometimes photography is a mysterious alchemy and I’m the sorcerer’s apprentice trying to keep up.

The stained glass window:

The communion platters:

The communion table:

A hymnal:

The side of  a pew:

Photo Club got out a little early, so B had some free time.  She didn’t want to break the number one rule for a mother with alone time:  Do NOT come back earlier than expected.

So, we headed out to the park so she could practice some of the stuff she learned at Photo Club.  I don’t know if she managed to concentrate on her pictures, ’cause I sure didn’t.  I can’t chit-chat with someone and focus on photography at the same time.  So here’s a boring picture from the park:

After the park I took the kids to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D.  I had to do some fancy talking to get them to go.   They were suspicious it was a girl movie.  It is a girl movie, but I’m a girl, and Beauty and the Beast was always my favorite fairy tale.  Besides, they might as well get used to going to chick flicks while they’re young.  It’ll make them good husbands one day.

At the theater they show free kid’s movies in the summer.  Mean Theater Lady used to work at the theater.  One week they showed The Wizard of Oz.  Mean Theater Lady waited until the opening credits, flicked on the overhead lights, and then barrelled through the theater snatching candy right out of the children’s hands muttering about, “Free movie…bring outside food…ungrateful…buy some stinkin’ popcorn…”

Speaking of light switches in movie theaters: after the movie, Boy9 realized he’d lost his DS in the theater.   This is the 5th time he’s lost something in the theater.  I’ve learned where the light switch is so that we can crawl around on the sticky floor looking for whatever it was he lost.  You’d think I’d learn not to let them bring in outdoor stuff…

After movie, we went to P’s 40th Birthday party.

During the drive, Darling Husband asked the boys to be quiet while he did his homework .  For some reason the Pirate Flag that’s been stuck to our car window for four years suddenly because The Toy that both children just Had To Have rightnow.  I actually had to use the words, “Don’t make me pull this car over!” during the drive.  I love saying stuff like that!

The birthday party was in a private room at a restaurant.  It was pretty packed and hectic at the party, and the crab dip was really, really, really, really good.

Here’s where I tried to get an artsy picture of the crab dip, but every time I took the picture, the table got bumped.  I looked up to find two small children beating each other about the head with rolled up menus.

Boy9’s burning hot cheese slid off of his pizza onto his lap.  He smeared it all around his pants trying to get it off because it was burning him through the cloth.

Boy9 has got to be the messiest eater in the world.  Except for Darling Husband.  Darling Husband spills food on himself every single day.   Sometimes I can catch him before it happens.  The other day I made spaghetti.  Darling Husband picked up some naked noodles and dipped them in the sauce.  And then…while wearing his dressy white shirt…he started lifting the red-sauce-dripping noodle above his head so he could lower it into his mouth.  I managed to shriek out, “WHAT are you DOING?!” and he stopped just as a big blob of red sauce splashed back into the pot.  After 19 years of this, I’ve learned to mostly ignore it, but about twice a year, it suddenly becomes unbearably hilarious.  What’s funny is that he is always shocked.  He never sees it coming.  Ever.  And that’s just funny.

Here is Pam’s cake with the black frosting.  We all had black teeth.

Throughout the evening, it snowed.

Here is my brick walkway in the snow.

And that was my day.

The end.