Peep Costumes, Babies Get Snot on You, and 40th Birthday Laser Tag Parties

Just yesterday I was wondering, “Hmmm.  I wonder what I should do for my 40th birthday?”  And after today, I know.

Laser tag party.

Laser tag party!  

I played laser tag for the first time today.  I took my sons to a kid’s birthday party today.  Anyone who wanted to pay extra could play laser tag.  And yes, of course I wanted to play laser tag, are you kidding?!

I am so glad that I have boys and I am so glad that they’re not babies anymore.  Here’s why:

Baby/toddler:  Mommy, take me to the park so I can get sand in my eyes and cry and eat a bug and you can push me on the swing in the boiling sun for half an hour, then I’ll get a runny nose and smear it on your shoulder while I scream in your ear because I don’t want to leave and then I’ll pee in my car seat on the way home.

Seven/Nine year old:  Mom, take us out to laser tag where you can skulk around with us shooting everything that moves and pretend you’re G.I. Joe for half an hour, but without the real guns and bullets and death and drill sergeants.

Sweating from pushing a kid on a swing: pure misery.

Sweating from skulking around shooing a bunch of kids with a blaster: pure delight.

Who knew that you could get so sweaty just skulking around?

I’m not sure who to invite to my 40th Birthday Laser Tag party.  Will any of my friends even want to come?   I may end up having to invite a bunch of ten year olds to come play with me on my special day. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll get an invitation out to you.  It’s in December, so you have time to get in shape and practice your aim.

Laser tag party, anyone?


But before there was laser tag, there was Photo Club.

We are such photography nerds at Photo Club.  Photo Club is held every other Saturday morning at the church.  On Saturday morning there are usually other things going on at the church.

We were sitting around our table, when a woman who was part of another event came up to us with a little camera.  She found the camera in the used car she recently bought.  The car had been a rental car before she bought it, so she had no idea who the camera might have belonged to.  She had hoped to look at the pictures on the camera to figure out who the camera belonged to and return it to them.  But she couldn’t figure out how to turn on the camera and see the pictures.  She asked if we could help.

Immediately at least two of us said, “It probably needs batteries.”

I said, “I’ve got extras!” and leapt from my seat to get my batteries in my bag at the next table over.

Kevin was even better.  He also said, “I’ve got extras!” but he didn’t have to leap from his seat to reach his batteries.  He was able to lean back and reach for his bag to get the batteries.

But Gerhard won.  He also said, “I’ve got extras…and they’re right here in my pocket!”

It’s so nice when you finally find your nerd niche. What a sense of belonging.

Photography humor: Kevin set Scott's camera to 'automatic' when he wasn't looking.

Becky and Kendra are the newest people at photo club, and are still learning about photography.  Somehow the two of them got roped into taking pictures for some upcoming weddings. Immediately Gerhard and Scott launched into gruesome tales of Wedding Photography Disasters.  It was like when people tell horrible stories about birth to pregnant women. “Oh, I was in labor for two years and the baby was born sideways and I had to have a total brain transfusion and I almost died and the baby almost died and my husband almost died and the nurse almost died, too.”

Becky and Kendra looked a little pale by the end of the Wedding Photography Disaster stories.

After Photo club I dropped off my picture for the Peep Show. Darling Husband took the shot.  I told the man I wanted a shot of me handing the picture over to him, and he said, “Let’s shake hands like you’ve won a prize.”  See, men really enjoy doing goofy poses for pictures.  A woman would have cringed and said, “Is there any way you can crop me out of the shot?”

It’s very annoying when women do that and I’m not doing that ever again.  I promise.

This man had one heck of a firm handshake. My poor crushed fingers.

The woman that signed in my picture said, “Oh look!  You even dressed like a Peep today!”  Uh…that wasn’t intentional.

Love, love, love Chipotle tacos.

And by then, we were hungry so we went to Chipotle.  Mmmmmmm!  Chipooootle!  The kids won’t eat there, so we got them McDonald’s chicken nuggets.  We didn’t want to bring the nuggets into Chipotle, so we ate in the car.  It was a debacle for Darling Husband.  Messy Chipotle burrito + limited space to maneuver =  messy Chipotle burrito on Darling Husband’s pants.

This happens All The Time.

While we were there I told Darling Husband about the time we were on a Photo Club field trip and went to Chipotle.  While there, Kevin went on at great length, and with great drooling, about what toppings he has them put in his burrito bowl.  He has carefully crafted a burrito bowl with juuust the right combination of ingredients to maximize the Chipotle dining experience.  We told him that his burrito bowl should be called a “Kevin.”

Darling Husband loved the idea of the “Kevin” and said that if he ever opened a restaurant like Chipotle he would give people cards and they could enter different combinations of food on them.  Then, at the restaurant, the person preparing your food could swipe the card and see all the different combinations you’d entered on the card.  Then, you could say, “I’d like a ‘Kevin’ today,” and Kevin’s perfectly crafted burrito bowl could be recreated for you right there, without you having to jot down his choices and lose the paper in your wallet somewhere.

Brilliant, yes?