This is What Yesterday’s Blog Should Have Been About

Burned chicken lasagna, a lettuce leaf, and some tea.

Ok.  As you all know we went to Vince and Gail’s for dinner last night.  They’re the ones with the 41 kids.

As soon as we arrived, Vince said, “Did you bring your camera?!” because he wanted to be in all the pictures.  When his kids asked, “Daddy, what are you doing?’ about all the picture taking, Vince said, “Kids, this is what grownups do for fun when they’re old and have a bunch of kids.  We take pictures.”

I’m thinking Vince’s spring break will be much like Darling Husband’s was.   (Vince teaches 8th grade and their spring break is coming up soon.)

Since Vince wanted there to be lots of pictures and lots of material for me to work with for the blog, he made us reenact everything that happened over the course of the evening.

In the above shot, here’s what happened: Darling Husband went into the kitchen for some more chicken lasagna.  But when he came out, he had a fat strip of burned cheese from the bottom of the pan.

So, Vince said, “Hey!  Let’s pretend that all we offered you guys for dinner was burned cheese and a leaf of lettuce!  And then gave you a baby fork to eat it with!  And half a cup of tea!”

Do NOT touch the centerpiece!

Vince is a little particular about the centerpiece apparently, because every time I touched anything in the centerpiece he got a little tense.  He realized he was getting tense and decided to embrace it and admit that it was bothering him, which led to another picture.  “Take a picture of me not letting you touch the flower pot!”  Darling Husband took this one.

Do NOT touch the stylus!

Soon after the flowerpot incident, Darling Husband was showing Vince the ipad.  Darling Husband looked up to see Vince squishing the top of the stylus.  This time Darling Husband tensed up and said, “No no!  Don’t do that!”  So, the above is another dramatic reenactment of the “Don’t Touch The Stylus” incident.

I'm winning!

And here’s the playing board for the game we played:  Loaded Questions.  Obviously, I’m the yellow playing piece.  You can tell because I’m the one in the lead.  The others aren’t even out of the start box yet.  Here’s how to play:

When it’s your turn, you ask everyone a question from the cards.  They write down their answers, but don’t let you know what they wrote.   When everyone has written down an answer, one of them will read them to you.  You have to guess who said what.   For every person’s answer that you guess correctly, you move forward a space.  I tend to be really good at this game.

Gail is VERY polite.

In this one Gail made the mistake of asking me what I did at Photo Club last week.  So I gave her an unwanted lesson on shutter speed (4 second shutter speed in the above shot).  I rambled on and on and on.  And on.

And on.

Hey, it’s not my fault!  Gail is a talented actress and looked completely mesmerized with the lesson.  It wasn’t until I’d been talking for quite awhile that I realized she was probably bored out of her mind, but was just being nice to me.  Gail is a very good friend!

There were lots more pictures, but these were the ones that made sense to blog about.