You Got That at the Dump? Lucky!

Wistfully looking at the knife

Vince and three of his 41 children stopped by for a visit with Darling Husband today.  No, it wasn’t a drop in.   Vince burst in the door and said that he wants to be a guest blogger on my blog and tell the truth about our last visit together.  I have no idea what he’ll say, but I told him it was a great idea.  Guest bloggers are always welcome!

While here, Boy9 showed Vince’s kids The Knife from the Dump.  They were suitably impressed.  My boys kept telling his boys over and over, “It’s from Japan.  It says it right here on the blade.”  That was a big selling point.  None of them have ever seen anything made anywhere besides China.  I’m not sure they know that anyone makes anything besides China.  I’m not sure I know that anyone makes anything besides China.

Except this head.  This was my mother’s day present last year, both to my own mother and to myself.  I got her one and loved it so much that I went back for another one for me and told Darling Husband, “You got me this for Mother’s Day.”  I like to buy my own presents.  And I like it when other people buy me presents, too.  I’m easy to please.

Still got all her marbles

I kept the sticker on the head because it reads Made in Spain.  Spain!  I’m pretty sure that hollow glass heads are the only export out of Spain.

Anyway.  The boys were gathered around the Japanese knife and Boy9 was telling them the story of how he got it.  He might even have hitched up his jeans and spat some tobacco out of the side of his mouth when he told the story:

“So, me and my dad were at the dump….”

“The dump?  There’s a dump around here?  Where?”

“I dunno.  It’s…somewhere.  Anyway, we were at the dump and I saw this knife on the ground….”

“They have knives just lying around on the ground?”

“Sure do.  And I picked it up and said, ‘Can I have this?’ and the guy who worked there said, ‘Sure, kid.’”

“Really?  So your family just goes to the dump to get your stuff?”

That was where I cut in, “No!  We don’t go to the dump to get our stuff!! The stuff at the dump is all picked over.  You have to go to dumpsters to get the good stuff.”

The boys were properly awed and jealous.


Red Shirt death toll: 2.  They were beamed onto a planet that wasn’t there.  Ooo.  Nasty way to go.

Creepy Chanting Children, overcome by the ‘evil within’, due to the influence of an alien angel:  5


Song in my head today.  It’s in a key I can sing in.  And that’s as rare as something made in Spain.