Don’t You Be Judging Me

340 days to go! Let the countdown begin!

My new 1/2 off Christmas Crap. Silver and red for 2015.

December 26th is when all those dreary Type A personalities who insist on Planning Ahead bounce out of bed early to buy Christmas Crap at 1/2 off and then store it for an entire year in their attics.  Anything to save a buck.

And not only that, but those same people then pop over to the Returns Department to stand in line (a long line) to return their unwanted presents.

How do I know they were there?

Well..uh, because I was one of them.  Duh.  I’m a Planner and I adore saving bucks.

So, yes, I stood in the return line and gave mean, squinty-eyed glares to the man who sashayed past us and barked out in sanctimonious tones, “I would never stand in a line like that! Not gonna happen!”

Oh yeah, you don’t think so?

Consider the following situation:  If, in a moment of yule bliss, you bought your Boy9 a Nerf bow and arrow set, but bought your adhd Boy12 a real bow and arrow set only to awaken on Christmas morning in a fit of lucidity to realize that you don’t give an adhd 12 year old boy a real bow and arrow set, (he’d shoot his eye out) you’d have hot-tailed it back to the store and been returning said bow and arrow set on December 26th, too.  Don’t you be thinking you know our stories, Mr. Sashay Man. We’re saving children’s eyes by standing in these return lines!

And now the countdown begins.  Only 340 more days until I put up 2015’s Christmas tree and decorate it with my new ornaments.  Can’t wait!

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