Do Not Disturb for the Next 8 Hours

I was doing so well and then major setback.  Major.

I slept in until 9.  Darling Husband brought me breakfast in bed at 10.  I sat there looking as pathetic as I could to garner sympathy, watching Breaking Bad on the ipad until noon.  I showered and I ate.  I was feeling pretty good.  Just a little worn out but not like being hit by the truck, like yesterday.  One more good night’s rest and I’ll be right as rain.

And then I finished the last episode of season 5 which is when Breaking Bad runs out on Netflix. (Nervous anxious sound)

Ok. This is ok.  There has to be another way to watch the final 8 episodes of the series.  There has to be.  I mean Hank just saw the WW book!  He saw it!  I can’t stop now!  (voice increasing by an octave)

Ok. Ok.  Deep breath.  I can go to and buy the episodes.  No problem.  Click that purchase with a single click button.

I get a message that it won’t work. What?!  Why not?! Ah.  Old credit card on there.  Add the new one.

It still doesn’t work!  Why?  Why doesn’t it work?  Whiiiiine! Ok.  Now I need to create some sort of pin number.  Ok–created.


I was starting to feel much, much better, my man cold all but gone, but this stress has set me back.  I need to go lie down again.  Darling Husband took the ipad from my shaking fingers and said he’d figure it out and told me to go assess an essay.  Assess an essay!?  What, now?  When Hank found the WW book?!?  Ahhhhhh!

Don’t tell me how it ends.  I mean, obviously our guy has to go.  He has to.  We all hate him by now.  He’s terrible.  I have no more sympathy for the guy.  I just want him caught.

Jesse should leave the country and start a charity for orphans and devote the rest of his life to doing good.  I want weepy Jesse to get out alive.

Skylar should burn the money in a big soul cleansing fire and pour her energy into making her job a success and in about 7 years, when she can trust people again, find herself a man of strong morals who doesn’t cheat on his taxes.

I don’t know what to do about Walt Jr.  I don’t want him to find out what his dad did.

…Hang on….Darling Husband is coming into the room. …Hang on…

He fixed it for me!  Huge sigh of relief.  What a man!  He said that in the process I managed to buy the final season twice plus a lone episode, but he called Amazon and got it all fixed.  I’m teary-eyed.  Darling Husband said, “You can download these to the ipad so that if you’re away from our wifi you can watch them.”

What?  Away from our wifi?  As if.  I’ll have these watched by tomorrow morning, yo.


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