You look like General Zod, yo.

Sorry to out you, Scott, but pictures don’t lie.  We always wondered why you’re never around whenever Superman shows up.



Today we had Photo Club.  For the first two years of Photo Club we’d all blithely show up and sit expectantly waiting for Scott to come up with clever photography ideas for us to try out.  He is the leader after all.  But he kept saying over and over, “I’m NOT the leader!” To our ears that sounded like, “Whaa whaa whaa leader!”  Yup.  Everything’s right with the world.  Scott is our leader.  We all heard him say “leader.”

He finally had a little sit in and refused to come up with new ideas.  We’d meet for Photo Club, Scott would shrug at us, we’d exchange recipes, and go home.

Unfortunately for me, I have one of those “nature abhors a vacuum” types of personality.  If someone’s not getting the job done I feel the need to step in and do it.

That’s why when I took one of those goofy Which Star Wars Character Are You tests online I turned out to be either Darth Vader or Leia.  What was it that Leia said when they botched up her rescue?  Oh yeah, “Well, somebody’s gotta save our skins.”  That’s me in a nutshell.  As long as you’ve got things under control, fine.  But if I get the slightest whiff that you’re falling down on the job, I’m right there to swoop in and fix it.

It’s tough being me.

Or not.  Consider today’s Photo Club:

As usual, it was Friday and Photo Club was looming and no one had offered any ideas of what we’d do on Saturday.  After a few seconds of thought the idea popped into my head that we could set our shutter speeds very slow, like for 30 seconds, and get a single picture with two or three poses in it.*

Later, another idea popped into my head.  Three different poses in a single shot…what about someone transforming…what about Clark Kent transforming into Superman?!  Aha! I sent a little message to everyone telling them about my idea and asking them to wear their Superman shirts and black rimmed glasses to Photo Club.

I arrived at Photo Club this morning and had a few words with Scott over who had to take charge figuring out how to get the picture done, “It’s your idea, Lizard, tell us what to do.” “Who me?  I don’t know what to do!” I think he’s just glad that he wiggled out of being “the leader” and enjoys being able to throw responsibility on someone, anyone, else.  After talking over what we each had in our mind’s eye of how the picture should look, we all headed for the cloak room where it was nice and dark and we could control the light with flashes.  (Photo Club meets in a church.) We started taking pictures.

First a picture without a flash, just to see:


Ok.  Get out the flash.  Kevin was the Holder of the Flash.

Scott would get into the first pose, Kevin would fire the flash directly on Scott, Scott would get into the second pose, Kevin would circle to a new spot and fire the flash directly onto Scott, third pose, Kevin circles, flash–then time would run out.

I set the camera for 30 seconds.  But first, quick practice with the flash for the proper power settings:


Then practice how the clothes would have to be arranged:


Hold up! Something’s missing:  a tie!  Clark Kent always wears a tie with his button down shirt.  There was discussion about whether or not to call Darling Husband to bring a tie.  (Nah, let him rest.) We looked in the Welcome Center to see if someone had lost a tie recently (no.)  Oh well.  Press on.

Practice with actual costume change:


No…everything needs tweaking and we need a way to tell how much time is passing.  Hannah held the ipad with the stopwatch app and hollered out time periodically.  I pressed the shutter button:


Better, but one Scott is mostly solid and the other 2 are see through.  It was Kevin’s job to work on that problem.*


The pastor of the church walked by and saw the Photo Club all stuffed into the cloak room. “Hey, Photo Club!  What are you doing?”  We turned to look.  And lo!  He was wearing a tie!  There was a bit of tension in the air we considered how we could separate the pastor from his tie, but he looked pretty dapper in the tie.  A little too dapper in his tie and a dark suit. The sort of tie and dark suit you wear to a big event…like a funeral.  Can’t take a tie from a man whose about to do a funeral.  Our better judgement won the day and we let the pastor leave un-accosted.**

We got back to work with Scott doing a lot of costume changes, Kevin circling and holding the flash near the ceiling, Hannah keeping track of time, and me pressing the shutter button.   Gerhard…well, Gerhard was there, but was getting sidetracked by his friend, Harold.***

Kevin began to sweat from all the circling and the picture is too dark.


Whoops.  Missed a flash. Try again:


Scott began to sweat from all the costume changes.  Try again:


At this point, Kevin made the quiet observation that Scott looks more like General Zod than Superman.  Yup.  Kevin was right, but you gotta feel for Scott.  There he was, his turn to shine, getting to be the hero in the picture, and his best buddy just has to point out, “You don’t look like Superman.  You look like General Zod, yo.”  Aw.  What a let down.  The whole exchange struck me as funny and I had to pause in my shutter pressing to get in a good chuckle.

We soldiered on.


So close!  But the 3rd pose is too covered by the 2nd pose.  And then:


Got it!  This is the one.  We all agreed there wasn’t anything else we could do that would make it any better, in camera.  

And that’s when Scott said he wanted the same picture on his camera now, but in a slightly different pose, with the open shirt in the middle.  Time to start all over again.  And we did:  Scott doing the costume changes, Kevin circling and holding up the flash, Hannah keeping time and me…just pressing the button and then standing there relaxing for 30 seconds at a time.  By the end of Photo Club they were all sweaty and shiny but I was cool and matte.

Hey, I may have to save everyone’s skins from time to time, but I’m also really good at delegating.  😉


So…original in camera:


And after post processing:



* If you really want to know what settings we used, and how Kevin solved the solid/see-through problem, ask in a comment and I’ll tell you.

**We found out later it was a wedding.  A wedding?!  In that case we could have totally taken the tie.  There was only one of him and five of us.  Too bad he got away before we realized it was for a wedding.

***Harold is a conspiracy theory nut and lives off the grid in New Mexico.  He refuses to have mail sent to him because he doesn’t want the government to be able to track him down.  He has his mail sent to Gerhard’s house in Pennsylvania, who then sends it to Harold’s P.O.Box in New Mexico.  Something went wrong and Harold didn’t get an important piece of mail. Gerhard was talking to Harold about it during our meeting.  There’s always something interesting going on when you’re with Gerhard.


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