Oliver Twist Mush vs Twinkies

The curse of being a picky eater strikes again.  I made dinner in the crock pot today and have been looking forward to eating it for 6-8 hours on low.   But now that the time is up, I can’t eat it.  I mean, look–look at my dinner:


It tastes like the mush they gave to Oliver Twist but no one is asking for more.  Blah.

We’re forced to eat Twinkies for dinner.  Well, the boys and I are.  Darling Husband is determined not to waste the whole crock pot of Oliver Twist Mush and is in the middle of a flurry of adding different spices to see if he can salvage it.  I can hear him from behind me muttering,  “Yuck…no, not that one.  Ew.  Wait…Old Bay!  Everything’s good with Old Bay.”

Good luck Darling Husband.


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