Medieval Thugs

Guess I’m not being as subtle as I thought.  Remember this post from a couple of days ago:


Just thought you all should know that I’ve been watching lots and lots of Breaking Bad (yo).  Like 2 seasons in 3 days (yo.)

Why am I telling you this, (yo)?

So that you know that I end every sentence with yo now (yo). No, I don’t say it out loud because that would be goofy(yo.)  I’m too old for that and the wrong gender (yo).  It’s only in my mind (yo.) If I’m talking to you, just know that there’s an unspoken yo in there somewhere (yo.)


So, today was the first full day back to school after our Christmas break.  There we were standing on the steps adding information to our timeline.  We have a huge timeline stapled to the wall that goes from the beginning of time until 2025.  Golly, you ought to see the stuff going on in 2018, but I don’t want to spoil it for you so I won’t tell you about it.

Anyway, so there we were on the stairs and I was giving them a quick review of the stuff we’ve been learning between the years 1000-1100.  Boy8 was listening to me like normal and then he turned his head a little quizzically.  The longer I talked the more quizzical he looked and the more his lips twitched until finally he burst into laughter and said, “Why is everyone saying ‘yo’?”

Apparently without realizing it there was a lot of yo-ing going on from my historical characters.  Like,

“And then in 1066, this dude, Harold, who wasn’t related to the dead king tried to become the next king of England and William the Conqueror down in Normandy was all-like, “Yo!  I’m the king’s long-distant cousin!  I’m gonna be the king!”  And he was like all ready to fight and won the Battle of Hastings through sheer grit and became king.

Later the Emperor of Constantinople was like, “Yo, pope!  We need some help over here defending our city!”  And the pope got to thinking and decided to ask everyone for help–not for Constantinople, but to take over Jerusalem.  He was like, “Yo!  All the knights in Europe, come over here and take over Jerusalem for me!”  And they were like, “Yo!  Let’s go!”

Apparently people in medieval times talked like a bunch of drug dealing thugs.  Well, come to think about it, they were drug dealing thugs, just without the drug dealing part.


3 thoughts on “Medieval Thugs

      • I was thinking more along the lines of the role of the opium trade in colonial expansion. But look up the history of hops and why it was added to beer. Very interesting, and on point historically.

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