10 Random Facts About Myself

Here is a list of 10 random facts about myself that I wrote because I’m bored from lesson planning all day and need a break.  Here they are in no particular order:

1.  I steal chocolate from my children.

2.  No matter how much I try to drum it up, I feel no guilt about stealing chocolate from my children.

3.  I will never, ever be someone who likes to do projects around the house.

4.  When I’m done home educating the children I will get a paying job for sole purpose of being able to eat out every single night.

5.  I wish I had a billion dollars.

6.  I am unwilling to wear uncomfortable shoes.

7.  It’s always funny when someone says, “Look at me!  I’m so-and-so,” and then does an impression of so-and-so.

8. I’m finally old enough that when I hear of old or sick people saying, “I’m ready to go” in regards to dying, I can understand it.  I’m not ready myself yet but I can see how it can be possible to be ready.

9. I wish it was 80 degrees with moderate humidity every day of the year

10.God made me to be born in 1972 so that I could live through the invention of hair glue and thus be able to fully appreciate that hair glue makes life worth living (yo).


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