What up, yo?

Just thought you all should know that I’ve been watching lots and lots of Breaking Bad (yo).  Like 2 seasons in 3 days (yo.)

Why am I telling you this, (yo)?

So that you know that I end every sentence with yo now (yo). No, I don’t say it out loud because that would be goofy(yo.)  I’m too old for that and the wrong gender (yo).  It’s only in my mind (yo.) If I’m talking to you, just know that there’s an unspoken yo in there somewhere (yo.)

A tip: do not watch the scene where they melt the dead bodies with chemicals while you’re eating a box of Lean Cuisine raviolis (yo.) Red, lumpy sauce with little white bits in it (yo.) Bad idea (yo.)


4 thoughts on “What up, yo?

  1. I have not seen Breaking Bad – yo. But my family just did 3 seasons of How I Met Your Mother in 4 days… with 50% of us having the flu. Yeah, that’s funny and not funny at the same time, yo.

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