Colleges Close in the Snow but Homeschools Do Not

It snowed last night.  Darling Husband works at a college teaching meteorology.  Is there anything better than being a teacher of meteorology at a college?  Nope.  Nothing.

Darling Husband loves the weather.

Let me start over: Darling Husband is endlessly, hopelessly, helplessly enamored with the weather. It’s a love born from countless late nights riveted to obscure weather websites known to only those who are pure of heart, valiant in battle, and have undertaken many brave quests that involve much “talking about the weather.”  (Sorry, just got done reading a chapter from a King Arthur book to the boys.*)

Not only do snow events make Darling Husband’s heart sing, but he works at a college.  A college! Guess what colleges do in the snow?  They shut down!  Yes!  Darling Husband and the boys are out right now shoveling snow.  He couldn’t be any happier than he is right now: no work, shoveling snow.  This is the dream life for a weather lover.

Hang on…the boys are out shoveling snow?  Shouldn’t they be in school?  Oh yes, the dread truth of homeschool is that there is no such thing as a snow day.  The boys made a valiant effort at showing me how slippery the hardwood floor conditions were in the hallway this morning and there was no way they could possibly gain access to the school room.  It was almost convincing.  And then yesterday Boy11 had to get some medicine for a cough that Won’t Go Away**,and lo! he found a note from the doctor this morning.  See:


Inside was this prescription for the cure:


Wow!  I’d better set up that tv right away!  Gotta get the child curard.  Don’t want him to stay contagous.

But I’m going to squeeze in a spelling lesson beforehand.  And maybe some penmanship.  Cursive for sure.  And typing would help his case most of all.  There’s spell-check when you type, you know.


*The Story of King Arthur and his Knights by Howard Pyle

**Shoveling snow with a cough?  We were hoping the cold air would help.  Sometimes it does.


2 thoughts on “Colleges Close in the Snow but Homeschools Do Not

  1. LOL! I love it. My husband is a middle school teacher and he is off today too. Grace’s first lesson of the day was tying to make strawberry turnovers on her own for our family. We had to wait for this great breakfast until 11am whe she started at about 9am. Mommy is the sick on e in this house right now and the rest are outside shoveling too. More typical school work will follow later today.

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