Whining Averted and Getting Beaten Up By Your Friends

It’s 3 hours later.

Boy8 and I watched a bunch of America’s Funniest Videos, so I defected the Whine Session.  He’s still never happy to leave the house, but is good-naturedly resigned to going out to dinner now.

And Boy11.  Oi.  Last night he was running around in the pitch dark and lost a tiny piece to his favorite toy.  (A sonic screwdriver, from Doctor Who.)  It was THE Christmas present.  He was devastated.  His friends had no clue about the drama going on and he yelled at them for not helping him.

Yeah, it was a mess.  Boy11 was a mess.  The friends were like, “Dude, whatever.”

Boy11 apologized, but no one was interested in hearing it.  New Year’s Resolution this year–make Boy11 read “How to Make Friends and Influence People.”  I’m pretty sure yelling at your friends at a New Year’s Eve party at 11 at night is not the way to endear yourself to anyone.  I need to tell him the story of my coworker who got beat up by his beefy lacrosse playing friends in college for being mouthy.

Mike was on the slender size and all of his friends were beefy college lacrosse players.  Mike’s always been lightning quick witted and can have a cutting sense of humor if he’s not careful.

One day, he was nagging and nagging at one of his lacrosse player friends and said friend had Had Enough.  So he started beating on Mike’s face.  He had him pinned on the floor and was punch/punch/punching Mike.  It took 3 of the other lacrosse players to pull him off Mike.

Mike ended up in the ER.  He called his dad and told him what happened. “Dad! My buddy beat me up!  I’m in the ER!”

Instead of the concern and words of comfort that Mike expected to hear, his dad sighed and said, “Mike.  What did you SAY?  What did you SAY that landed you in the ER?”

I don’t want my scrawny Boy11 ending up in the ER when his beefy lacrosse playing friends have Had Enough.

Anyway, after a tearful evening for Boy11, he went back to our friend’s house this morning in the light of day and found the missing toy.

We’re supposed to arrive at dinner in about a half hour.  Guess I should get dressed.

It’s still Happy New Year!


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