Candy, Girls, Taco Sauce, and Terrorists

Trick or treat night.

First—the costumes.

Boy8 was easy: pirate.

I thought Boy11 would be easy, too:  Jedi.  A few years ago I made monk’s robes for the boys when we were learning about monks in our history classes. My sewing skills are about as good as my cake decorating skills so you know that was a fiasco. The only reason I forged ahead with the monk’s robes is because Jedi knights are really just monks with telekinesis. I knew we’d get a lot of wear out of them.

About half an hour before we headed out I said, “Well, Boy11, what’re you wearing for Halloween?”  He surprised me by saying he wanted to be a wizard.  He would wear his monk’s robe and carry a staff.  Ok–that’s easy.  We have the robe and the staff–no problem. See?


Darling Husband on Exciting Nature Walk from Oct 13th last year. With staff.

We had the robe and the staff, but we didn’t have a wizard’s hat.  But we did have a “Eurasia” hat.  At our church, we had a thing where we learned about Eurasia and everyone got hats.  We haven’t worn our Eurasia hat since then.  It turns out that the Eurasia hat makes a plausible wizard’s hat.


The first person who saw Boy11 asked if he was Noah.

The next person asked if he was a hobbit.


A dwarf.

Blind man with a stick?



We finally made it to Gerhard’s house. He asked what Boy11 was.  Boy11 said, “Whatever you come up with.”  We explained about the wizard and the Eurasia hat and Gerhard said,  “Eurasia, huh?  So you’re a terrorist from Afghanistan demanding candy.”  He gave Boy11 some stale Easter candy and taco sauce.

Yes, really.  Taco sauce.  He knows Boy11 likes that brand and it turns out that Janet (Gerhard’s wife) doesn’t.  Janet was happy to get the taco sauce out of the house and Boy11 was delighted that he scored a jar of taco sauce while trick or treating.  Win-win.

While the boys trick or treated, I had fun peering into people’s houses. Sure enough the neighbor from Texas with the 800 shiny painted ceramic statues of animals in his yard had a deer head on his wall and was watching a John Wayne movie.  Of course he was watching a John Wayne movie.  I’ll bet they play on a loop all day long.

I pretended to take a piece of candy from Boy8 at another neighbor’s house.  She was very disapproving that I would take candy from a child and reprimanded me.  I suppose she thinks I’m a Horrible Mother. I’ll probably get the stink eye whenever I pass by her house: “There goes that Horrible Mother who steals candy from her children. Those poor little dears.”

At another house, with a porch light on, we knocked and a girl peeked through the window in the door.  The boys heard her yell in a panic, “Oh no!  Mom!  We left the porch light on!” The mother came rushing to the door with a pan of freshly baked cookies and gave each of the boys a cookie–still warm.  Guess they didn’t want terrorist tricks played on them.

All in all, even though it rained on us we had a blast.

But Boy11 almost missed it. All throughout this past month there was a contest at church to see who could bring more candy for the church’s Light the Night event—the boys or the girls.  The boys won.  The prize for winning was for the girls to serve the boys ice cream–tonight.  Oh, Boy11 wrestled with the issue—trick or treat and get candy or make the girls serve him ice cream while he demanded more, more, more!  Boy8 just snorted and knew the truth:  candy is way better than girls.

We bumped into a 12 year old friend of Boy11 while we were trick or treating and the two of them bemoaned the fact that they could have been being fed ice cream by the girls at church right at that very moment.  And such is the confounding life of an 11 and 12 year old.  Candy or girls?  Candy or girls?  This year the candy won, but I’m thinking not for long.

And since I know this won’t last much longer, it was all the sweeter.  In a few years, I will dearly miss going trick or treating.


10 thoughts on “Candy, Girls, Taco Sauce, and Terrorists

    • Yes, I just read Kris’ comment! They will be so happy! Boy8 will take it in stride, but Boy11 had an assortment of plans on how to hassle the girls while they serve him ice cream. He’ll be so happy to know he can carry them out.

  1. Yes Tracy enjoy trick or treating while you can!!! We’ve had so many great Halloweens, my Mom was legendary with her costumes, we always had really big parties, so many great memories!!! Now I trick or treat with some little ones in our family, gotta keep it going!!!

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