Puppy Love, Cranky Ants, and Cake

Would you take a look at these two?  For crying out loud–both the boy and the dog are grinning with pure joy.


As soon as Boy8 and Basil clapped eyes on each other, it was love at first sight. Notice that Boy8’s hand is a blur.  From the minute we arrived at Basil’s house until we left, Boy8 was petting Basil non-stop.

This is a problem. I’m starting to weaken and forget how sad it is when pets die. And, as you can tell from the picture, it’s pretty clear that Boy8 needs a fuzzy little pet to love.  The ants don’t count.  We still have two of them teetering around their farm in their electric wheelchairs, but they’re testy little creatures and will gum you with their elderly toothless jaws if you try to touch them.

Why we were visiting Basil?  We were at Karen’s (absolutely gorgeous old) house for a private cake baking lesson for Boy11.  If you remember this picture from my October 20th blog post, you’ll see why the boy needed a lesson.


Since my decorated cakes don’t turn out much better, we were in dire need of a professional.

While we were there Boy8 pet Basil, Boy11 baked his little heart out, and I took notes.  We managed to nab the secret recipe to Karen’s Nine Layer Chocolate Ganache and Oreo Cream Cake.  Yes, you read that right:  Nine.  Chocolate Ganache. Oreo Cream.  Oh, yeah.

Are you ready to see the cake?  You might want to close your eyes and scroll past it unless you’re stuffed, because once you see it you’re gonna want to eat it.  Here it is:


And a better view of the top with the crushed double stuf Oreos.


Huge improvement from a couple of weeks ago, huh?  Karen was an amazing teacher.

There was even enough of the ingredients left over that Karen made an Oreo Cream Parfait to keep.


When our lesson was done Karen gave us a bag of spinach.  Someone gave her two boxes of greens–more than she could eat.  When we got back home with the cake, we were greeted by Darling Husband.  He raised the obvious question, “So, who is my favorite son today?  The one who brings me the Nine Layer Chocolate Ganache and Oreo Cream Cake or the one who brings me a bag of spinach?  Hmmmm…”


More pictures of Boy11 and Karen making the cake:





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