Bedbugs (again) and Bow Chicka Wow Wow

Darling Husband was away overnight last night.  I figured I’d tidy up so he’d come home to a clean house.

Ha!  Not gonna happen.  My new camera gear arrived today.  Everything stops when new camera gear arrives.

Darling Husband was in Ohio because his aunt is moving here from a one-room efficiency to a small apartment and he’s helping her.  When he got there, she wasn’t packed yet, which may or may not have been a good things because she has…are you ready?


Oh heavens.

You may or may not know that we had bedbugs a few years ago.  It’s been my dread fear that we’d get them again.  Not because it’s creepy to have bugs sucking your very life’s blood while you’re innocently sleeping, nah–I can handle that.  No, the part that leaves me shivering in horror is the fact that they’re so stinkin’ expensive to treat.

Darling Husband asked me to call Ninja Bug Guy.  We were hoping that Ninja Bug Guy (our exterminator who looks and sounds just like this guy) would talk sense into Aunt Shirley.  Darling Husband and I know that pretty much everything just has to be thrown away.  Just toss it all and start from scratch.  It’s easier and cheaper.

She wasn’t convinced even with Ninja Bug Guy calling her on the phone, so Darling Husband and his dad spent hours and hours packing all her stuff into black bags to be inspected for bugs later.  The problem is this: what if little hitchhiking bugs have attached themselves to Darling Husband’s clothes?  No, no, no!

When Darling Husband finally gets home in the wee hours of the morning, he’ll see a sign I put on the front door: “Head to the screened in porch and remove all your clothes.” Since that sounded kinda racy I added to the bottom “bow chicka wow wow.”  Unfortunately, the boys can read and they wanted to know why I wrote bow chicka wow wow on the sign.  No, boys, trust me–you don’t.  You don’t ever want to think of “bow chicka wow wow” and “parents” at the same time.

Here are a few pictures taken with my new camera gear.

We started with Boy11 taking the pictures.  I said, “Direct me–what should I do?” He said, “Pretend I’ve just said something really, really funny.”  So I did, but the boys just stared at me aghast and said, “That was really creepy, mom.”  This is not a keeper:


And then Darling Husband called.  And then Scott from photo club called.  Like, dudes!  I’m trying to take pictures here!  Stop calling me!  I grabbed my remote control for the camera and still managed to get shots while on the phone. Neither sleet nor snow nor phone calls will stop me from using my new gear.  Scott called to tell me to bring my new gear with me to photo club tomorrow. Well, duh! Of course I’m bringing the new gear to photo club!  Where else can I go for free advice on how to actually use it??


In between photo sessions, I had to take the kids to Light the Night.  Sure, it’s a great little event in our town where the kids can go and get a ton of candy and play carnival games, but..but..but!  My camera gear was waiting for me!  Ugh!  Why was Light the Night the same night as when my camera gear arrived??

Fortunately they give out lots of candy.  We were all pretty hungry, since I sorta forgot to feed the kids because I was too busy taking pictures of myself with my new gear.  I tossed a puny McDonald’s hamburger at them for dinner on the way to Light the Night, but that only goes so far.


Things started degenerating about now.  The boys were up waaay past their bedtime and Boy8 ran off with my remote and kept snapping pictures when I wasn’t ready.  Here I am demanding that he hand it over.


This is the self-portrait that looks most how I think about myself.  I ended up with a bunch of fake-smile pictures, a few pictures that were a little too bow chicka wow wow and a few where I looked downright mean.  But this one is a good representation of how I feel about myself on the inside:



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