Portrait Lens Practice

Yes, I’ve been gone forever.  No, I won’t tell you why.  If I tell you why I won’t have any new material for posts over the next few weeks.  Let’s just say, “I’ve been busy.”

But, I’ll tell you this: I got a brand new portrait lens a couple of weeks ago.  Oooo!  Portrait lens!

What’s a portrait lens?

It makes the thing you focus on crisp and clear, but anything in front of or behind what you’re focused on is super out of focus.  Great for pictures of people’s faces because then the only thing you notice in the picture is the face.  Hence—portrait lens.

As of 9:30 tonight my busy month came to a close.  About 30 minutes later I was itching to take some pictures with my new lens.  I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had a chance to take pictures for a month.  That’s pretty busy.   Well, wait, that’s not completely true.  I did take some prom pictures. Here’s one:


But that was different.  That was work for someone else.  (And they paid me!)  Now that my busy month is over I can get back to puttering around taking pictures for myself.

So I pulled out the portrait lens and the kids ran for cover.  “Oh, we’re soooo tired!  Can we go to bed now?  Yaaaaaawn!”  I turned to Darling Husband, but he gave me the evil eye.  (He’s in his jammies.)

I’m forced to practice on these model airplanes that are hanging from the dining room chandelier.  And yes, I’ve bumped my head into these stinkin’ planes a number of times this month.  Makes me feel the tiniest bit sympathetic to my tall guests who bump into the chandeliers whenever they visit.  But only the tiniest bit.



Not too shabby, little portrait lens.  Not too shabby.

P.S.  I promise to tell you later about the cheese that got in my eye, the million legger that almost ate my mother, and watching The Shining all alone at midnight (bad idea).


2 thoughts on “Portrait Lens Practice

  1. Oh HAPPY HAPPY JOYJOY!!!!!! A blog posting to kick off the holiday weekend:) Hope you will capture some good holiday portraits to share…

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