If You Whine on Facebook, You Get Presents.

If you’re on Facebook you have to be careful.  Sure, you want to have fun with it and update your status from time to time but you don’t want to write statuses that people will make fun of.   You wouldn’t want some writer-type person making fun of you on the internet, would you?  That would be terrible!

Every day or two I’ll compose a status about whatever little thought has run through my head.  Then I’ll quickly realize it was stupid and desperately erase it before I post it.  (Backspace, backspace, backspace!) There’s that little burst of adrenaline where, just for a moment, I think I might have actually posted it by accident and irredeemably embarrassed myself in front of everyone.

But every now and then I’ll write an inane comment and go ahead and post it throwing caution to the wind.  For example on March 7th, I posted a link to some screaming goats and wrote:  “No matter how many times I watch this, it stays the same level of funny.


March 10: “One minute of cooking spaghetti sauce in the microwave is an eternity. Now the whole interior is covered in sauce. Uuuuurgh!”

Further clarification revealed that the spaghetti sauce was canned and expired and was being used to camouflage a bowl of leftover cabbage and crunchy noodles.   Oh, yuck.  According to the comments I received, my cooking friends are planning an intervention.

March 12:  “Look at this picture of the Killer Banana Dolphin of Electric Death. I must have taken this picture for The Blog. What on earth sort of post was I going to write??? We can only wonder.”



Today’s Facebook status was pretty dull.  I wrote, “It’s dimly dawning on me that I’m crabby today. Crabby people aren’t much fun.”

You know how it is.  You get annoyed and you’re sure it’s because everyone around you is Just So Annoying.  It can’t possibly be your own fault.  But after slogging through annoying interaction after annoying interaction, you start to realize that the one constant in the equation is You.  And that’s when you become dimly aware that You are the problem.

Hence the Facebook post.

And while it was an inane post, it paid off.

See, I have a friend who is gracious and generous named Carol.  For example, when Carol found out that our mutual friend had poison ivy in her yard, she said, “I’m not allergic to poison ivy.  I’ll come to your house and pull it out for you.”

And she did!

She didn’t say what I would have said, “Git yerself a weed eater and wear some thick gloves.”  Yes, I sound like a hick when I give out gardening advice.

But not Carol!  No, she actually went to our mutual friend’s house and pulled out the poison ivy all by herself.

So, when Carol read that I was crabby, she sent me a Facebook message, “I have something for you.  I’ll be by in a few minutes.”

And then LOOK at what she brought to me!


A Tardis and Dalek salt and pepper shaker set! It’s a Doctor Who thing, for those of you who don’t know.  Yes, we Doctor Who fans are a bit rabid. I just about passed out from joy when I saw it.

The big question is, how did Carol ever manage to pull that out of her hat mere minutes after reading my crabby post?  I mean, who has extra Tardis and Dalek salt and pepper shakers hanging around their house? And futhermore, who would be willing to part with them if they did have them?!

It turns out they were belated birthday presents.  She was at my Laser Tag 40th Birthday Party but didn’t have the gifts then.  But after reading my crabby post, she remembered the gifts and thought, “I’ll take them to Jackie’s house today to cheer her up.”

Darling Husband was home when she stopped by to give us our gift.  I barely had time to register what the gift even was before he came swooping into the room, yanked it out of my hands, and was hunched over it in the corner, snarling.

So, THANK YOU, Carol!  We loooove the salt and pepper shakers.  Darling Husband has to fall asleep eventually, and then I’ll have my chance to play with my present.


Those goats are still hilarious all these days later.  Here are part 2 and 3.




6 thoughts on “If You Whine on Facebook, You Get Presents.

  1. What joy to end my week with a BLOG post from the Dusty Lizard!!!!! I was starting to get crabby becuase there hasn’t been one and then, like a gift from the heavens, here it is!

    • There haven’t been that many have there? That’s because I’ve been sitting around watching too much tv. I love tv. After blogging every night for a year, I have a lot of tv watching to catch up on.

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