Monsters in the Woods and Men at Work

Today was horrible!  Just horrible!

So, there I was minding my own business, taking a brisk walk deep in the woods, when what do I see lumbering past me in the gloomy mist, snarling?

Bigfoot in woods-small

Bigfoot!  Yikes!

Just when I saw him, he saw me.  Good thing I’ve been practicing flash photography because I managed to blind him with my camera flash and run away while he howled and scratched at his eyes.

Reeling from the horror and hoping that I’d shaken Bigfoot, I stumbled through the woods until I came across this man.  Ah!  Civilization!

Jason and Bear through trees-small

But when I got closer, I saw that the man was hacking up a little baby bear with a chainsaw.  A little baby bear, people!  With a chainsaw!  What is the world coming to?

Jason and Bear closeup-small

It’s a dark day when a person can’t stroll through the woods without having to flee from 7 foot tall Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) and chainsaw-wielding baby bear slayers.


Ok, not really.

What actually happened was that I was on the road near the majestic ski slopes of Pennsylvania…what?  You didn’t know that Pennsylvania has majestic ski slopes?  Well, it does.

And there I was near the majestic ski slopes of PA, when the Bigfoot carving caught my eye.  I wasn’t going to stop  until I noticed that the artist was on site actively creating a new work of art.  That warrants a screech to a halt for a photoshoot.


See the artist in the distance to the left of Bigfoot?

When you live in the middle of the cornfields (and ski slopes) of Pennsylvania there aren’t many opportunities to come across an artist actively creating his art.  Especially not a chainsaw artist.

What was great about Jason (the artist) is that after I got his permission to take pictures, he went about his business working.  I love it that I got candid shots of him doing his work.

I’ve long been considering whether I should start up a series of photographs of people working.   I was initially inspired by this picture that Scott took of our friend Jeff in his office at work:

Scott's picture of Jeff

This isn’t my picture. It’s Scott’s.

Isn’t that a lovely picture?  See all those books behind him?  Jeff is a Jedi Master.  Or was it a Master Carpenter?  No…Master Chef?  Mastermind?  Master of the Universe?  Task master?  The Master (for you Doctor Who fans)?

No to all of them.  He’s just a Master, plain and simple.

Huh?  What’s that?

Basically a Master is a judge lite.  (Oh, I hope he doesn’t read that.)  The way I understand it is that he has the responsibilities and powers of a judge, but with a few limitations.  He hears cases with lawyers and juries and all that, just like a judge, but some cases have to be referred to a judge.

Now that you know all that…isn’t that a lovely picture?  See the way he’s looking down at the camera, much the same way he would look down on the defendant.  Whatever lame excuse the defendant has brought up, you can tell that Master Jeff is Not Impressed.


If you want to see more of Jason the chainsaw artist’s work, here’s his website:


2 thoughts on “Monsters in the Woods and Men at Work

    • It was a good 7 feet tall. While I was taking pictures three other people pulled over to get out and look at it. At first glance, it was kinda creepy, seeing it out of the corner of your eye as you drove past.

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