The Bat Cave, Zombies, and Laser Noises

So, Vince stopped by on Tuesday evening.  Darling Husband and Vince hang out every Tuesday and either go for a healthy walk or eat fattening Italian food.  You just never know–will they weigh less on Wednesday morning or more?

We started being friends with Vince because we have similar tastes in tv shows.  And we stayed friends because Vince has an amazing Bat Cave in his basement.  His house is an old farm house built sometime in the 1800’s, but if you open an unassuming door and walk down a creaky set of stairs, you’ll find yourself in a subterranean lair.  It’s like a maze down there.  I’ve been lost in that basement for hours.  Vince finally had to have all 41 of his children form a chain, holding on to each other’s hands, to find me in the maze.

And in a secret room in the Bat Cave, in special filing cabinets, Vince houses every single edition of various super hero comics from 46 a.d. until now.

Next to the comic book collection is his collection of various tv series which he never, ever, ever lets anyone borrow.  Never, ever, ever. (Getting back together.)

Except for the one time he let us borrow Lost.  Oh yes, we’re just that special.  But don’t tell anyone.  Because he never, ever, ever lets anyone borrow his tv series.

So…he stopped by on Tuesday and tried yet again to get us to watch The Walking Dead.  We’ve been down this road with him before.  We tried watching an episode or two, but it was just so gory that we stopped.  But in his rapid fire way, Vince kept going on and on (and on and on) about it.  “Oh, it stops being so gory!  I mean, I guess there are a few more gory scenes in a few of the episodes…and you can just fast forward through those,”  and he scrunched up his face like it’s the easiest thing in the world to fast forward through the one or two gory scenes, and aren’t we so silly for not thinking of it ourselves.

Darling Husband ventured, “I think if we fast forwarded through the gory scenes, there might not be much of the show left to watch,” and Vince poo-pooed that idea.  “No, no!  Lots of story!  Lots of character development.  Just watch it.”

So, I tried it again.  I didn’t make poor Darling Husband watch it.  He hates gory stuff.  Just hates it.  If I asked him to watch it, he probably would have, but then would be subjected to all the gory stuff he hates.

Netflix picked up right where I left off 5 months ago, right in the middle of an episode.

Right when Rick and his family are reunited.

And then I was hooked.  Shane sure looked unhappy to see Rick.  OooOOooo.  That’s trouble brewing right there, let me tell you.  I simply had to find out what happened next.

And since Tuesday, I’ve watched all of season 1 (just 6 episodes) and all of season 2 (13 episodes)

For the record, Vince was wrong and Darling Husband was right.  There are thousands of gory scenes in every single one of those episodes.  Lots and lots of blood and lots and lots of guts.  There are blood and guts everywhere.

And after watching 18 gory episodes with zombies jumping out at someone every other minute,  I kinda felt creepy driving around in the car tonight in the dark.  I’ve told you about driving around up here, haven’t I?  In case I haven’t, here’s what it’s like:

I came from the Baltimore suburbs where there are street lamps every 5 feet.  You can’t spit without hitting a street lamp.  I’ve seen men spit, hit a street lamp, and the spit ricochets back and hits them on the forehead.

But not here.  You can drive for miles and miles and miles without seeing a single street lamp.  Or another car.  And did you know that when you drive around without street lamps or cars that when you look in the rear view mirror, all you can see is black?  Pitch black in the mirror.  So, if there’s someone, or something, in the back of your car, you’ll never know until, “Ahhhh!”

Speaking of driving around in the car, I was driving around in the car tonight because it’s grocery shopping day.

Of course it’s grocery shopping day today.

See, today was 56 degrees and sunny.  I actually sent the boys outside to play. They hate being sent outside to play and would rather lounge around inside making laser noises at their toys.  They can spend hours holding a single lego toy and making laser sounds at it.  Seriously. (100% true.)

But it was so nice that after school I sent them outside.  And I thought to myself, “Instead of taking them grocery shopping this warm, sunny afternoon I’ll let them play.  I’ll go grocery shopping this evening.  I’m so glad that I won’t be grocery shopping in the rain for a change.”

At 7:49 p.m., I opened the door to the house ready to head to the grocery store and saw that the sidewalk was glistening.  Glistening?

Yes, glistening.

With rain.

As I left the house I ranted, “I don’t believe it!  It was warm and sunny 45 seconds ago, and now it’s raining.”  Boy7 hollered from the bath he was taking, “Mom!  of course it’s raining!  Don’t cha know?  It’s grocery shopping day!”

And by the time I left the grocery store?  Snow.


Here’s a picture of Boy7 last Friday bringing in the groceries for me.  In the rain.


And now I have to go research where I can get the first 9 episodes of The Walking Dead, season 3, so I can watch them all tomorrow.


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