Snoring is Loud, Roosters are Dumb, and Jo-Ann is Fierce

I’m sneaking in a blog tonight.  Ooooooo!

I’m at Wendy’s house for Haircut Night.  Instead of ignoring my family to write a blog, I’m ignoring my friends to write a blog.  Eh, they can talk to each other.  They’re fine.

To begin with: so much has changed since we last met!  For instance look at this picture:

Rooftop christmas lights at sunrise-small

Do you know what this is a picture of?!

It’s the sunrise!   The sunrise, people!  Yes, I’ve been up with the sunrise for the past nine days.  That’s because, without blogs to write, I’ve been Getting to Bed at a Decent Hour.  Blech.  Did you know that when you get up early, you get tired early?  The other night I fell asleep on the couch at 7 p.m. with the boys hallooing around me.  Darling Husband shook me awake at 8:00 to say in a tone dripping with suspicion, “How come you can fall asleep with all the Boy Noise, but you can’t fall asleep when I’m snoring?”

If I knew the answer to that, I’d be a rich woman.  Or at the very least a well-rested woman.

So, what’s up with that picture of the sunrise?   This morning, I ventured upstairs to the boys’ room to awaken Boy7 from his slumber.  I noticed how the sunlight shines on the Christmas lights on my neighbor’s house, and makes them glow.  I ran back downstairs to get Alex who has been languishing in his lunch bag for 9 days.  It’s been so long since I’ve taken a picture.  Would I remember how?  Would Alex even work any more?  In the end, the picture turned out really nice.  Guess I can still pull off a decent picture. Preen. (I warned you I’m vain.)

What, you’re wondering, would ever possess me to break the sweet quiet of the dawn by waking a sleeping child?

The 97th Pennsylvania Farm Show, duh!

That sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it?  Well, it kind of is and it kind of isn’t.  I have to admit that Boy7’s favorite part of the entire day was riding the escalator, and Boy10’s favorite part was riding the bus.

The Farm Show is held in a complex of buildings roughly the size of a mall.  There are cows and horses and sheep and pigs…wait…pigs?  I’m pretty sure there were supposed to be pigs, but I didn’t see them.  Dang it.  I really wanted to see the pigs.

And there were chickens and bunnies and chicks and ducklings and roosters.  The roosters were cock-a-doodle-doo-ing the whole time.  They were sooo noisy!  And not very smart either.  I mean I didn’t see anyone sleeping in the entire complex, so I have no idea why those roosters were crowing.  Dumb birds.

We watched a horse competition.  The riders have to get their horse up to speed, grab a flag out of a bucket, race to the end of the arena, race back to the bucket, put the flag back in and race away.  Out of everyone we saw, this woman got her horse the fastest and got the flag out and back into the bucket.  She was pretty awesome.

Horse and flag part 1-small

Horse and flag part 2-small

Horse and flag part 3-small

Boy7 didn’t want to stay where we could get good pictures.  He wanted to check out the nosebleed seats.  Boy10 and I sat with him for about 5 minutes until we were quivering balls of mush.  I do not like heights.  Apparently, Boy10 is rethinking his stance on heights as well. Just a few months ago, he was content to leap goat-like from boulder to boulder at Devil’s Den in Gettysburg, but now, sitting still in his seat it was Just Too Much.  We white-knuckle grabbed onto the railings and slunk down a few rows where it was safe.  Here’s Boy7 sitting alone by the ceiling.

Boy7 in the nosebleed seats-small

Nosebleed seats are no deterrent to a determined photography enthusiast.  I popped on my new zoom lens that I got for Christmas and got a few shots of the draft horses.  I like this shot best.

White draft horses-small

I have a billion other pictures, but no time to play with them now.  I’ll have to write another day about the ducklings and my homeschooled children’s serious lack of Crowd Navigation Skilz.  I’m thinking of taking them to the local school and having them navigate through the halls during class change.  I’ll do it as soon as I can figure out what category to put it in for my State Mandated Scrapbook/Portfolio–gym, sociology?

I attended high school in Lansdowne, Maryland which proved to be the perfect training ground for crowd navigation.  I may not have learned a lick of world history or geometry but I can navigate a crowd with the best of them.  My friend Jo-Ann was a master at it.

One time there was a boy fight brewing in the hall.  The boys had exchanged the appropriate obscene comments and were now entering the getting into each other’s personal space stage.  A crowd had gathered.   My friend, Jo-Ann, found herself on the inner edge of the ring of avid spectators.  Unfortunately for Jo-Ann, the gladiators were between her and her next class.  Jo-Ann was Fed Up and Just Wanted To Get To Class.  She was not going to back up and take a new route.  She was not going to try to shove her way through the raging crowd.  Just as the young bucks starting pushing each other’s chests, she belted out a fierce, “Coming through!”, shoved all 97 pounds of herself between the two combatants, and sailed on to her next class.  What an inspiration!

Ok–I’ve been away too long and have too much to say, so I’ll just have to stop now.


2 thoughts on “Snoring is Loud, Roosters are Dumb, and Jo-Ann is Fierce

  1. Yeah!! A blog post to start my day!!! I love the sunrise picture, what’s weird is we had a beautiful pink sky this morning and I almost pulled over to take a picture of it …..with my I Phone:)

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