The Serial Heckler, Unimpressed Horses, Frantic Dogs, and Traci Cake


Hey!  Remember yesterday how I told you about the man who stopped me in Walmart to tell me a joke?  Did you read the comments people left?  Go back and read them.  Apparently two other women I know have had this clown tell them mildly insulting jokes in the parking lot at Kohls and a local grocery store.  And a third friend responded on Facebook that her mother thinks she knows who this Roving Heckler is.

So, women of Pennsylvania—be prepared.  Next time I see him I’m going to point my finger at him and say, “No!  Bad dog!”  Maybe I’ll keep a rolled up newspaper nearby to bop him on the nose with.


Speaking of dogs, I felt like Balto today.  You know—Balto?  The dog that pulled the dog sled through Alaska to get the medicine to the dying children?  The Iditarod is supposed to follow the trail he took.  Today it did not snow, but there was snow on the ground while I delivered some medicine to a sick friend.  On the way back from her house, I saw some pretty horses in the snow.

I got a picture of this one, but the horse was obviously not impressed by me.  As you can see, it stuck out its tongue.  Cheeky!


There was a dog on the horse farm that took umbrage to my picture taking and barked its fool head off at me, so I took its picture, too.


The rest of the day was spent in preparation for Darling Husband and my birthday party tomorrow.  Tomorrow he turns 45 and on Sunday I turn…gulp…40.  (Gak!)

Nephew13 helped me set up the stuff for the party.  Part of setting up involved sneaking into Traci’s house to get the birthday cakes she made.  She wasn’t home and I had to obtain a key and break in.

I have no idea what the birthday cakes look like.  She won’t tell me.  I’ve been instructed not to open their boxes until it’s time to serve them.

Nephew13 had no such instructions so he peeked. From his expression, they must be awesome!  As if they’d be anything less. Thank you, Traci.



3 thoughts on “The Serial Heckler, Unimpressed Horses, Frantic Dogs, and Traci Cake

  1. Happy Birthday to you both. Funny how you blurted out Bryan’s age but was hard to get your age out lol. That barking dog looks familiar. Wonder if it’s the farm near me 🙂 Can’t wait to see a picture of that cake!!

  2. Happy Birthday to you & your darling husband. 🙂 As you know, I turned 40 yesterday… I am still not sure what I think of it. My brain says I’m really not 40 yet, but the fact that I crave a long nap every day tells me that my body agrees with the number. 😉

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