Dishrags for Christmas, Purple water, and Roast Beast


Marriages can be difficult near the holidays.

For example, Darling Husband’s family opens their Christmas gifts with a big black trashbag at their side.  As the paper is removed from the gift, it immediately goes into the bag.

My family, on the other hand, goes into a frenzy of paper-ripping and throws the paper around the room, willy-nilly.

We’ve learned to compromise.  Last year, we celebrated Darling Husband’s way.  This year was my way:


Along with a very lovely sweater that I’m wearing right now and will probably wear every day for the next month because I love it so much (hey, I’ll change the shirt under it), my mother bought me some miniature gardening tools.  I’m sure she cackled while she wrapped them.  These miniature gardening tools are a pretty accurate representation of the amount of gardening I do.


Here is Boy7 putting together his new Ninjago Lego set.


Here is Boy10 putting together his new Spiderman Lego set.


And here is Man44 putting together his new Hobbit Lego set.  No, it’s not a set for the children.  It’s for Man44.


Mom, Dad, Darling Husband, Boy7, Boy10 and I all piled into the car to head to Li’s Buffet where we would meet Gerhard, Janet and Gerhard’s mother.  And oh, the snow photo opportunities that I had to pass by!  Ugh!  Dreadful reservations.  If only we hadn’t made reservations, I could have pulled the car over and taken pictures.  The family joined in a prayer of thanks for reservations.

Next time it snows, I have to get the obligatory “cannon in the snow” shot at Gettysburg.  Every photography enthusiast who lives within a ten mile radius of Gettysburg must take the “cannon in the snow” shot.  If you don’t, the Photography Police will confiscate your lens.  The only way you can get out of taking the “cannon in the snow” shot is if you can produce a “monument in the snow” shot upon request.

But while everyone else was piling in the car, I did get this picture of the tree in my front yard.  I have no idea why the two water drops were purple.  Maybe one of those red berries was smooshed and it dyed the water purple?  Dunno.


At Li’s Buffet, they had some traditional American Christmas Food, including Roast Beast.

Boy7 loves, loves, loves roast beast.  Boy7 usually gets his roast beast when we go to JJ’s Hibachi Buffet, but JJ’s is closed for the winter.  The woman who runs JJ’s was helping out at Li’s today (it’s the same family.)  She remembered how much Boy7 loves roast beast, so she made up a plate with a piece of roast beast just for Boy7, with gravy on the side.  Boy7 hammed for the camera.


Speaking of ham, when I called my dad today, he said that their roast beast was of the pork variety with olive eyes, an orange slice mouth, and the tip of a carrot for a nose.

Darling Husband is still battling bronchitis and feels crummy.  So, while he “took a nap” (i.e. played games on his iPad but didn’t want to admit it to me) I took the boys to see the kid movie Rise of the Guardians.

Boy7 took a picture of me in the theater with my new zoom lens that I got for Christmas.


Lest you think I have forgotten my love of practical gifts, I also received a new set of dishrags. Don’t get upset with Darling Husband. I picked them out myself and told him, “You got me these dishrags as a stocking stuffer.”  Normally I wouldn’t have spent the money on them.  Just because a dishrag has a frayed edge doesn’t mean it can’t clean a dish.  But being that Christmas is a major gift giving holiday and I was feeling generous toward myself, I got the dishrags.


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