Breaking News: The Loch Ness Monster Attacks!

Back in the middle of February, I came to the distressing realization that I had told you all of my stories and wouldn’t have a thing to write for the entire rest of the year.


Well, I thought I’d told you all my stories.  Turns out I was wrong.

Unfortunately, tonight I have a story to share, but no time.  So I will post the last of my Story Pictures.



Truth be told, it wasn’t the radishes or the cabbages or even the lettuces that brought Peter Rabbit back to Mr. McGregor’s garden time and time again.

It was the doughnuts.


Explanation:  I have nine of these ceramic bunnies.  My parents brought them back from England.  They were always favorites of mine as a child.  Each bunny is doing something different–eating an ice cream cone, riding a sled, etc.

This bunny reminded me of Peter Rabbit.  Peter Rabbit has a blue jacket and this bunny is wearing blue pants.  But he’s eating a doughnut.  Peter Rabbit didn’t eat doughnuts.  He ate vegetables.  Which is what makes the caption funny.

I bought the radishes (and some cabbages)  and arranged the shot.  It took about 10 tries before I got the angle just the way I wanted.  It turned out exactly how I envisioned it–saturated colors, burred vegetables, sunlight highlighting the bunny.  I was so pleased with this one.


Last Story Picture, and my favorite.

Loch Ness-watermarked


During the day, while the children were at school, the Lego people would come alive and take quiet walks in the backyard. Unbeknownst to them, the recent rains had flooded the sewers…releasing the monster.

If only their tiny little legs had knee joints, they might have survived.


I love this one.  The caption is simply genius, if I do say so myself.

My parents brought back this Loch Ness Monster from Scotland.  As you can see, their love of little trinkets has served me well in my Story Pictures.  Nessie survived my childhood, but shortly after I took this picture, Boy7 dropped him and broke one of his links.

This was my 7th Story Picture, and I knew from experience that if I stared at Nessie enough, an idea would come to me, and it did.

What makes the picture better than I’d even hoped, are the Lego people’s faces. I didn’t know that we owned horrified Lego mini-figures.  When I told the boys my idea, that Nessie would be attacking the mini-figs, they spent a good 20 minutes finding the mini-figs with the terrified faces.

This picture was taken lying down in the middle of a road–my own road.  The rocks are actually bits of uneven asphalt, and not rocks at all.

I had to wait for a good rain, so that the puddle would fill up.  After that it was just a matter of arranging Nessie and the mini-figs, and making sure the leaves weren’t in the way.  And don’t forget the lying down in the middle of the road so that I could be at eye-level to all the action.

The Nessie one is so perfect that I haven’t even attempted a Story Picture since, unless you count the one for the Peep Show.  How can I top the Nessie picture?

Then again, these Christmas Decorations around my house might just have a story to tell…


Picture of the day.



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