Fake Teeth, Melted Cheese, and More Cheesecake

This is Boy7 with his fake teeth.  He’s been wearing them all day.  “Good morning, Miss Shields.”


This is my dinner at Taco Bell.  While out buying Christmas presents, I stopped in for a chalupa and nachos.  What could be better than chips, melted cheese, a thick book, and some alone time?


I’ll tell you what:  A Milky Way Cheesecake, that’s what!

This is the Milky Way cheesecake that Sharon made for us.  The best part is how it’s impossible to get a smoothly cut piece out of it (refer to picture).  This means you can sneak into the kitchen armed with a fork, open the fridge, steal bites, and no one can tell!  Thank you sooo much, Sharon!



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