More Tips on How to be Thrifty

So…I drove the new stick shift to my friend, Stacey’s, house to take pictures of her family for their Christmas card.


I’ve driven the car only a few places and this was by far the most challenging.  As you’ll note from the picture, the car is covering the sidewalk just a wee bit.  I started off further into the driveway, but I made the mistake of thinking, “Gee, I should pull in some more,” but instead of going forward, the car zipped back with alarming speed toward the road.  That 3 second hill-hold is just not enough.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking, “That’s not a steep driveway!”

Yes.  Yes, it is.  See?

_DSC1495-tilted small

Here’s a nice picture of the family, with Stacey and Bella having a good laugh together.

_Christmas Pix-small

But before the normal nice shots, I took the most amazingly wondrous picture of the family.  They let me have a bit of fun with them, and we staged a shot that I love, love, love.  (Love, love!)  It hits just the right note for this family: not crazy-goofy, but gently humorous.

But you’ll have to wait until January to see it.  It wouldn’t be fair if I took Stacey’s fun away and showed it to you before she has a chance to send out her cards.

Next, we went to Dad’s house to borrow his truck so we could get a Christmas tree.  This is a picture of Darling Husband and Dad.


Creepy, huh?  Notice how they’re even in matching outfits.

At the Christmas Tree Farm, the boys were being their usual uncooperative selves about getting their picture taken, so I handed Alex to Darling Husband and said, “Get a picture of me posing in the trees.”

The picture was nice enough, except for goofy Boy10 skulking in the corner.


For the next shot, Boy7 tried to race by during the picture taking, but I nabbed him.


Darling Husband managed to fire off this next shot before Boy7 realized what was happening so he didn’t have a chance to ruin it.


And then, since we bought the cheapest tree on the lot (no, I’m not kidding–all it needs is a little love), we could have dinner at Li’s buffet.  Yippeeee!


I said to Darling Husband, “How long has it been since we’ve been here?”  His answer, “Four fill-ups in the new car.”  That equals three weeks.  Three weeks!  An eternity!  Jin’s married with 5 kids now.  How time does fly…

The day ended in a frenzy of electricity.  Look at all the lights that Darling Husband and the boys left on.  Ugh.


I turned off all the extras.


Isn’t that much nicer?  In honor of this holiday season, I’ll end with Darling Husband’s and my favorite quote from A Christmas Carol, “Darkness was cheap, and Scrooge liked it.”

Amen, brother.

And yes, we really do sit here with that single light on in the evenings.  If you wait long enough, your eyes adjust…


P.S.  Jo-Ann says that all my thrifty blog posts are rubbing off on her and she’s been grudging about doling out money to her family.  “Seriously?  You guys want three meals a day?  You’re killing me!”

Sorry, Rob, for yet another frugal blog post.


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