Cheesecake Recipe, Hobbits and…Headaches!?! Oh no!!!

I can’t see who is reading my blog, but I can see what search words they used to find it.  The top 10 searches that land on my blog include:

Jack and the Beanstalk

Beefy men (I’m sure this group is very disappointed when their search brings them to my blog)

Dental tools

Cleaning a mouse cage (Mouse cage searchers aren’t disappointed–the mouse cage post is pretty funny.)


Especially the cheesecake.  Pretty much every day someone ends up on my blog because they were searching for cheesecake.

All that to say that I’m getting ready to head to a Christmas party and I’m bringing little pudding/cheesecake things.  So, for you who are on your quest for cheesecake, here’s a little Christmas present for you.

The Easiest Cheesecake Recipe in the World:


Cheesecake pudding mix

2 Cups milk

Canned pie filling.

45 Filo dough cups (3 packages) You can find them in the freezer section by the pies and whipped topping.

To make:

Make the cheesecake pudding mix as indicated on the box (with the 2 cups of milk.)

Pour the cheesecake pudding into the filo dough cups.

Top with the pie filling.  (This picture has strawberry.)



Why am I posting so early?  Because after the Christmas Party, Darling Husband and I will be heading out to the theater to see The Hobbit and won’t be back before midnight.

I AM SO EXCITED.  I wrote in a previous blog about how much Darling Husband detests (abhors, loathes, deplores, despises) going to the movies and refuses to go to a theater to watch a movie unless there are Hobbits involved.

So, guys!  This is it!  This is my chance!  This is the first time in nine years that Darling Husband has gone to see a movie with me (since the last Hobbit movie was out.) Thank goodness for 3 part Hobbit movies.

Now, my remaining conundrum:  do I stuff myself full of Cheesecake Pudding Things at the Christmas Party or save room for popcorn?  I love me some movie theater popcorn.  But I also love the pudding things.

Oh, decisions, decisions.


Oh no!  Darling Husband just walked in the door with a monster headache.  He can’t go to the movie with a monster headache!  (Well, not unless the monster headache can pay for his own ticket…har har.)

Take some medicine, Darling Husband–fast!



Oh never mind.  It’s just not working out–we can’t go see the movie tonight.  Blah.


3 thoughts on “Cheesecake Recipe, Hobbits and…Headaches!?! Oh no!!!

  1. That hobbit criteria makes for one slim genre.
    I also laugh about search terms that lead to my blog. The other day I got a hit from “Himalayan goat carver.” Not sure if they were searching for art or entrees . . .

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