Insta-Friends and Wild Parties

We’re getting to the end, my friends.  Once this year is up, I really don’t know what will happen with The Blog.  As much as I love photography and writing, frankly, I need a break.  This is, after all, blog post #352 in the past 348 days.

Oh, I’ll keep writing–I love it too much to stop–but it won’t be daily.  And I might take a (gasp!) two week vacation come January 1st. I need a vacation.  Hey–that’s another Arnold line:  “I need a vacation.”  (T2.)

Before the year is done I wanted to say that there is one unexpected perk about blogging that I’ve just loved.

Consider these two scenarios:

1.  You walk into a room with people that you don’t know very well.  Everyone is polite, yet slightly guarded.  There are awkward silences while people try to come up with things to say.

2.  You walk into a room with all your best friends.  The smiles are big and genuine and the conversation flows easily and there’s a lot of laughter.

If I’m with a Scenario 1 person (maybe at the homeschool co-op, or at church) we are polite, but things are somewhat stiff.  But, if photography comes up in conversation sometimes I’ll mention The Blog.  Sometimes.  And if they ask for it, and only if they ask, I’ll give them The Blog information.

And when I do, something very sweet happens.

The next time I meet that person, we make an immediate switch from Scenario 1 to Scenario 2.  It’s immediate and it’s dramatic.

As soon as they catch my eye, it’s no longer the polite smile.  It’s the genuine smile, usually with a hint of “we share a secret.”  I love the “we share a secret” smile.  All it takes is reading four or five blog posts and the ice is totally broken.  We greet each other warmly and with no self-consciousness, and magically, we find something to chat about.

As a radical example, consider Michael’s sister, Kelley.  Michael told Kelley about The Blog earlier this year and she started reading it every day.  When she came to visit Michael this year she insisted, “I want to meet this Jackie person, and we have to eat at Li’s Buffet!”  They drove from the airport straight to Li’s Buffet where we met.

And when we met, it was like we’d known each other for years.  She was relaxed around me because she felt she knew me.  And since she was so relaxed around me, I was relaxed around her.  We had a great time.

This has happened over and over this year, countless times.

And I like it.

I like the instant connection with someone else.  It cuts down on that awkward period when people are busy being guarded and not letting their real selves shine through.  People get a glimpse of the real me in The Blog (and yes, that can be a very vulnerable place for me), but the benefit is that people drop their guard around me and I get to see the real them pretty fast.

I can’t give that up.  So, while I won’t write daily, I’ll still write, because I love the connection I have with you guys.


Picture of the day:

I was in my car at the grocery store ready to pull away and noticed these two in the car parked in front of me.

I’m not sure what to make of this. It was only 10:45 in the morning, and they were wiped out.  It must have been one wild party last night!




5 thoughts on “Insta-Friends and Wild Parties

  1. I love when the virtual world brings real people together!
    Reading your blog is my “thing” I do everyday at work, it’s my little break of laughter, sometimes tears, and just that something that we all need, a litlle unexpected joy to look forward to in our day 🙂
    After your hiatus it will be a little suprise or bonus to the day when you have a new posting!

    • It is fun when worlds collide like that. Next year, I can write about all the Man Things projects I’m doing. Yesterday I repaired a flashlight all by myself and today I wheelbarrowed the tree to the backyard. Normally, I’d have handed those chores off to Darling Husband.

  2. It’s time to take vacation. Relax and still do what you’ve doing, but post a blog because you want to say something,not because you need to meet a deadline. Explore, take notes and lighten up by just taking a p/s instead of Alex all the time. He needs a break also.

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