Money, Breakfast Food, Vindication, and Dessert

As you know, we had to replace the roof.  There were 4 or 5 leaks in the thatch so it was time. (Thousands)

Right before that, we had to replace our Model T, which finally died.  (Thousands)

The dentist says that the kids need to see an orthodontist, possibly for braces.  We have an appointment on Monday.  (Thousands.)

Last Friday the chimney sweep said that he no longer cleans chimneys with a woodstove insert (like mine) unless I get a chimney liner.  He went on to say that since our woodstove was manufactured in 1492 it’s time for a new one.  (One to two thousand for stove and liner)

The dishwasher died in February and we finally replaced it last month.  Mom was deeply distressed that we had to hand wash our dishes.  She was so distressed that she gave us a generous donation toward a new dishwasher, or we’d still be hand washing.  What an awesome mother-in-law I have! (Even with the donation: Hundreds.)

Today, my 1999 Plymouth got a new alternator.  I’m skeptical that it’ll fix the problem.  This is the 3rd alternator in 4 years.  (Hundreds.)

Christmas.  (Hundreds.)

Birthdays.  Darling Husband’s birthday is Dec 29th and mine is December 30th.  Since I’m turning 40, I’m going ahead with the big laser tag party, regardless of the roof, car, braces, woodstove, dishwasher, alternator, and Christmas.

The party is the one bill I am happy to pay.  I can’t wait for the party! My friends have assured me over and over that they don’t expect me to pay for all 40-50 of their laser tag tickets.  They said that if I pay for the facility and the food, they’ll pay for the tickets.  What generous friends I have!  Don’t think that I don’t love you all.

Incidentally, the party is from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.  This means my guests will want breakfast food.  I don’t think they’ll be happy with leftover tuna noodle casserole.  What in the world do I serve at a breakfast party?  If anyone has a clever idea, I’d love to hear it.  The only breakfast foods I like are cream of wheat and cereal.  How about a few crockpots full of cream of wheat?  “Here, Oliver Twist, eat your slop.  No seconds.  Don’t even ask.”

Point of this money blog?  Duh!  Vindication.

Our friends have merrily teased us for years over our thrifty ways, but when you have to replace the roof, car, woodstove, dishwasher, alternator, consider braces for the kids, celebrate Christmas and two birthdays all in roughly the same month, it’s a good thing you’ve been hoarding your money for the past decade.

But honestly, even though we hate to see all that lovely money float out our door, it’s divine having a brand new dishwasher, a brand new car, and a brand new roof all at the same time.  No more hours at the kitchen sink, no more adrenaline rush from clunking noises in the engine, and no more tripping over rain buckets in the playroom.

Of course, there are also no more dessert dates at The Blue Parrot Bistro with their $6.29 pecan pie.  Nope.  It’s $1.19 for two apple pies at McDonald’s for us.



4 thoughts on “Money, Breakfast Food, Vindication, and Dessert

  1. No Mention of Li’s, I’m assuming it is still in the budget, whew!
    WIsh I lived closer for laser tag, I would bring a giant breakfast casserole to serve:)

  2. How about waffles? Borrow a few waffle makers and there you go. Of course, no breakfast party is complete without BACON. Lots of BACON! You could do a cereal bar, too. Maybe a fruit salad? Muffins make easy breakfast foods. Hot chocolate? Juice?

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