I Like Watching Ice Dancing, Not Yucky Old Football

Can you believe that after I wrote about the roofers last night, by the time I set my alarm clock (for 8:30) I had totally forgotten that the roofers were coming this morning?

There’s nothing like being awakened at 7:30 a.m. to the crash of a ladder being propped against your bedroom window and elephants stomping on your roof.

I leaped out of bed and put on yesterday’s dirty clothes and went outside to ask if they needed anything.  The foreman said, “Nah. We’re fine….What’d you think of that Steeler’s game on Sunday?”

Oh no!  That stupid Steelers hat!  He’s convinced I’m a fan because I wore the dumb hat yesterday and then made my ridiculous show of pointing to it.

Ugh.  My mind went blank.  What did I think of the Steeler’s game?  I don’t know!  I know nothing about football.  The only football games I’ve ever watched are, like, five Superbowl games.  And I only watched them for the free food.  But how do I explain that to this guy, especially after making a big deal of pointing to the hat?  Oh, what a weirdo I am.

I raised my eyebrows and nodded a knowing nod and smiled a knowing smile and said, “Aw man!  It was…it was great!”  The roofer guy said, “Yeah, they finally showed up, huh?”

“Yeah!”  And then I ran back inside to research football lingo.

Tomorrow’s plan:  Turn his questions back on him.

Him: “What’d you think of the game?”

Me: “What’d you think of the game?”

Him: “Who’s your favorite player?”

Me: “Who’s your favorite player?”



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