The Roofer Guys Laughed at Me. Jerks.

I had just sat down to eat my leftover couscous for breakfast at about 9:00, when there was a knock at the front door.  Crikey!  And me still in my jammies, robe and hat!

Yes, hat.  I’m sure I’ve told you before that I wear my hat inside if it’s cold.  I often wear my hat to bed, as a nod to the noble ma and I.  You know–ma and I.  Of the “…and ma in her kerchief and I in my cap, had just settled down for a long winter’s nap…” fame.

Normally, I don’t answer the door.  Normally, when the doorbell rings the boys and I drop to the ground and pretend we’re not home.  But I peeked out the window and saw the roofer’s truck.

The roofers’ truck?!  Last week they said they’d be here in the “middle of next week.”  This is the beginning of the week, not the middle.  I’m not ready!

I reluctantly opened the door.

Two roofer guys.  I looked at them, in my jammies, robe, and hat.  And they looked at me.  In my jammies, robe, and hat.

Especially the hat.

As their eyes rested on the hat, their lips twitched.

What?!  Seriously?  Two grown men are laughing at my hat?  For crying out loud!  That is sooo rude!

The one roofer guy started talking, and didn’t look at me.  He directed all his comments to my hat, while he suppressed a smile.  He was the owner letting me know that he was giving instructions to the foreman (wave from the foreman) who would be back tomorrow to start the job.

By the time he was done talking, they were openly grinning at my hat. This is just ridiculous!

I sort of squinted at them and pointed to the hat, as a way of letting them know that I thought they were being weirdoes about the hat and to back off.  At that, they gave me happy smiles and happy nods and then left.

And it wasn’t until I looked in the mirror in my living room that I realized…I was wearing the Steelers hat.  Now it makes sense.   They weren’t smirking at me; they were smiling in solidarity.  The Steelers just won a game yesterday.  They must have assumed I was a Steelers fan.  Instead of mocking my hat, they were impressed by it.  They probably thought, “Wow!  What a woman!  She loves the Steelers sooo much that she wears her Steelers hat the entire next day whenever they win a game!”

I’ll be sure to wear the hat again tomorrow.  Maybe fellow Steelers fans get discounts on roofs…


Here are old pictures I’ve posted while wearing the hat.  I didn’t feel like setting up the tripod to get a new picture for today.  Except for my hair being longer, today I looked exactly like the first picture.  This one was posted January 3rd.

IMG_1840-2 600x800

This one was taken when we had an unexpected cold-snap in September.  This one was posted Sept 24th.



Picture of the day.

Boy10’s iPad mini arrived today.  He has worked odd jobs and saved all his birthday and allowance money for months and months in order to buy this thing.  He was so proud of himself that he actually agreed to let me take his picture.



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