What do Lois Lane and I Have in Common?

Hey everybody!  I got a semi-job offer today!  OoooOOooo!

The thing is: I don’t know what it’s for.  That just makes it all the more intriguing, don’t you think?

On Monday, I posted a blog about going to the reenactment of the Gettysburg Address.  I took a bazillion pictures and used them to tell the story of the day.  My stunningly gorgeous and highly intelligent friend, Melissa, shared my Blog on The Evening Sun’s Facebook page.

A few days later, a handsome and witty editor at The Evening Sun commented on the post saying, “I like this a lot…let me know if you ever want to do some work for us here at The Evening Sun.”


But…”do some work”?   What’s that mean?  As a writer?  A photographer?  Editor-in-Chief?!

I happen to have a friend who was the editor of a newspaper in Rhode Island.  He’s been a constant source of encouragement on my writing journey.  He’s currently writing articles for Playboy magazine.  When I first heard about his new job I commented with an achingly unwitty, “Well, people read it for the articles, you know.” He responded with “They will when I write them.”  Great response.  Don’t you love that confidence?

So, after getting an almost job offer for the mystery job, I sent my editor-friend a message asking for him to decipher what editors mean when they tell someone, “…let me know if you ever want to do some work for us…”

Maybe, as their new photojournalist, they’ll want to send me to Dubai to stay in all the 5 star hotels and report back which one is the best.  Or compare cruise lines.  Cover all the Paris fashion shows.  Do interviews with the President of the United States.  Or, better yet, interviews with Pierce Brosnan!  Oh, flutter!

I’ll have to let them know that Alex’s warranty doesn’t cover any damages if he gets blown up in a war zone.  It says so on the paperwork.   So…no war zones, please.  But I’m totally ok with photographing the Amazon canopy from the comfort of a hot air balloon, if that’s what they need.  I can be accommodating like that.

In honor of Lois Lane, reporter extraordinaire, here’s a picture of one of my favorite wreaths at The Wreath Festival at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster.  I spent a lovely afternoon viewing the wreaths with the Moffatts.


And a picture of the new car, as promised:


Oo! A comment!

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