A Gift from the Firewood Fairies and A Yellow Dinner

The firewood fairies arrived at our doorstep today.  Well, not really firewood fairies.  It was just Russell.  Do you remember Russell?  Here’s a picture I took of him this summer.

Anyway, Russell had a nice big truckload of wood and offered it to Darling Husband.  Russell backed up to the house, dumped it on our driveway and rode off into the sunrise.

Uhhh…now what?  Darling Husband just looked at me, slightly alarmed and said, “Where are we going to put all this wood?”

I told him I had an essay to assess and weaseled my way back inside and before I knew it, Darling Husband and the boys had stacked up all the wood in the backyard.

After assessing the essay, I chopped up an apple and stirred it into the cranberry sauce and my Thanksgiving Day preparations were complete.  We went to Mom’s house, where we had our Bob Evans mashed potatoes, the turkey that’s been frozen in Mom’s freezer since last year, frozen corn, stovetop stuffing, store bought pie, and store bought biscuits.

We’ve done the whole “home-cooked thanksgiving dinner” thing and are tired of it. Days of planning and preparation, hours in the kitchen on the day and then it’s eaten in about twenty minutes and it takes the next hour to clean up.  Now, if you do it right, and everyone is happily bustling around and the Making of the Meal is the main event of the day, fine.  But for us, it just turned into Unnecessary Drudgery.

I tried to talk everyone into Li’s Buffet for dinner, but Mom wanted to get that turkey out of her freezer and said no.  Maybe next year…


Picture of the day:

Spider and shadow

OH!  I’m editing my post to add:

And I almost forgot to tell you about the bizarre thing that happened today.

So, there was a fly at Mom’s house.  The fly landed on the edge of Boy10’s glass of milk.  Boy10 blew on the fly to make it fly away, but instead, it lost its  balance, windmilled its little arms, and fell into the milk.

We didn’t want to watch it drown during our meal, so Boy10 threw his glass of milk into the yard, where I’m assuming the fly shook out its wings and will live to see another day.

Unless…the spider gets him…


5 thoughts on “A Gift from the Firewood Fairies and A Yellow Dinner

  1. Really cool spider picture. You had a dishweasher and still bailed on cooking? For shame. Only you would have a picture of a yak and a spider in the same blog.

    Happy Turkey Day

  2. i have just suddenly realized that your title was supposed to say a yellow spider but you wrote dinner instead. I think, otherwise please explain what a yellow dinner is?

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