Rowdy Nikon Owners, Steven Spielberg, Abraham Lincoln, and a Silly Hat

Today was the 149th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address.  Lucky for us we live just a nip down the road from Gettysburg.  I took Boy10 to the festivities for a homeschool field trip.  There was a reenactment of the Gettysburg Address at the same site as the original address and a speech by the keynote speaker, Steven Spielberg.

I’ll tell the story in pictures.  I got some random shots of people who I thought looked interesting.  Like this woman who was painting the events of the day:

Or this woman, listening to the music of a brass band:

I also took pictures of the abundance of Nikon cameras at the event.  There was a Nikon after-party, but since Boy10 was so young, we didn’t go.  The Nikon crowd can get a bit rowdy you know.

Oh, my goodness!  There’s Steven Spielberg!

No…no, I guess it’s not him.

It was pretty crowded so some people climbed the trees for a better view:

Another Nikon:

I wanted a picture of the crowd by the canon wheel and just when I snapped the picture, this girl looked to the side.  I think she’s lovely, so I cropped out the rest of the crowd and left her pretty much alone in the shot.

Look, everybody!  It’s Steven Spielberg!

No…that’s not him, either.

There was a lot of pomp and circumstance.  The Color Guard brought in the flag while playing on fifes.


No, I guess this guy is a little too old.  When will Steven get here?

There were lots of dressed up reenactors.  People will dress up even if they’re not part of the ceremony.  If you ever come to Gettysburg, you’re likely to see costumed people strolling down the street at any given moment.  History buffs love to move to Gettysburg and wear their costumes.  Remember my friend Wendy from yesterday?  Her husband is part of a group that goes around firing cannons. There are even cannon firing competitions.  Who knew?  Every year she dresses up in her dress and goes to the Gettysburg Ball.

Two blurry Nikons.  Yes, two.  Look closely.

It’s Steven Spielberg!

No…sorry.  My mistake.  That’s just George Lucas.

But look!  It’s Steven Spielberg with a Nikon camera!!!

No, wait.  All those pictures can’t be Steven.  Mr. Spielberg wears glasses.  None of these guys have glasses. Silly me!

I like this guy with his plaid scarf and bird cane.

And this close up of one of the members of the brass band:

It was really hard to be in Gettysburg on the 149th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address and not be overcome with patriotism.  Look at these guys laying a memorial wreath (Representative Todd Platts and the Superintendent of the Gettysburg National Military Park, Bob Kirby.)

When the Gettysburg High School Ceremonial Brass Band played the National Anthem and America, The Beautiful, the crowd sang along.

Part of the day included the swearing in of 16 new American citizens.  Here is where they are being sworn in:

There were some teary eyes as they were sworn in.  But after it was done, the 16 new American citizens were pretty happy.  I was far away, but I managed to get this one shot of a few of them waving their American flags before the crowd stood to applaud and blocked them from my view:


No…his hair is a little too shaggy.


Nah.  I can’t see Steven Spielberg going out with a hunter’s cap on his head.

Is this him?

No.  This guy’s not shaggy enough.  Maybe this is him?

Too old.


No, guess not.


Certainly not!  Too goofy.

This must be Steven!

No…he probably wouldn’t be wearing a top hat.

Wait, wait wait!  Wait just a minute!  Back up. Let’s look at that last picture again:

No, not that one.  The one before that one.

Oh dear.  Can you zoom out a little?

Oh no.  Say it can’t be.  Can you zoom out just a little bit more?

Well what a disappointment.  For some reason I thought Steven Spielberg wouldn’t be so goofy looking.  I guess famous people really do look different when you see them in real life.

Of course, I’m just joking.  I didn’t even realize I had this goofball picture of him until well after taking the shot.  Poor man.

Here’s a nice picture of him:

He was presented with a painting of Abraham Lincoln by a local artist.

So…at the event was Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and…uh…Abraham Lincoln:

This guy has played Abraham Lincoln for the past 147 years.  His name is James Getty.  I have to say, I was pretty disappointed in his delivery of the address. No, I’m not kidding.  I didn’t like the way he read it.  I was thinking, “If only he had a director who could tell him the right way to deliver the speech…”  (Hint, hint, Mr. Spielberg.)

Darling Husband says that since Mr. Getty was around when Mr. Lincoln gave the original speech, he probably knows how it was originally delivered.

That could be true.  People talked differently in the past.  For example, I also didn’t like the way that Churchill delivered his “we’ll fight them on the beaches” speech.  Churchill sounded bored and tired when he gave that speech. (Link to Churchill giving his speech–go to 1:30 to hear the “beaches” part.)

Lincoln sounded jaunty when he gave the Gettysburg Address today.  Jaunty is not how I picture Lincoln giving his address back in 1863, while standing on the graves of thousands of dead soldiers in a graveyard.  But what do I know?

Oh, look!  That kid has a Nikon!  Oh, and there’s what’s-his-name, too.

And just for fun, here’s one more.  Don’t you just love this guy’s hat?


4 thoughts on “Rowdy Nikon Owners, Steven Spielberg, Abraham Lincoln, and a Silly Hat

  1. Great work yesterday!!! The Spielberg shots are fantastic! Did you pull George Lucas aside to talk about all things DIsney and Star Wars?????

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