Inviting 40,000 Friends to Play Laser Tag is a Planning Nightmare

Planning a 40th Birthday Laser Tag Party and wanting to invite Everyone I Know gets really complicated, really fast.  Especially since Everyone I Know has 32 children each.  And we all babysit for each other.  So, if I invite Everyone I Know to my party, who will babysit Everyone I Know’s kids?  I’m thinking I’ll have to rent the whole laser tag facility before hours, just to fit Everyone I Know and their 10,000 children.

How did I even know you can rent the entire place?  They certainly don’t advertise it on their website or in their pamphlets.  This is a mystery to me.  Most businesses around here are sadly lacking in advertising.  I only knew  because of Wendy.  If Wendy hadn’t mentioned to me how you can rent the entire facility, I’d have cancelled the entire party.  It’s just too complicated to try to coordinate reserving the party rooms/kids play area/laser tag arena for 40,000 people unless you can rent the entire place.

Not everyone who is invited will want to play laser tag.  Some people will come only because there’s sure to be a Traci Cake.  But for those who play, plus the cost of renting the facility, the Laser Tag Place could make a cool $1196 in two hours.  Subtract the employee salaries and heat/electricity/toilet paper costs and they probably make a profit of, like, $50!  Totally worth the advertising costs.

(Um…note: $1196 is why if you want to play laser tag at the party, you’ll have to foot that part of the bill yourself.  I’ll get us the facility (which includes the kid’s play area) and food, but you have to pay for your own laser tag.)

I have to call them tomorrow and try to work out the details.  Darling Husband, who has been listening to me fret all evening about how to coordinate this thing said, “Just start telling them everything in the exact same way you’re telling me and they’ll agree to anything you want just to get you off the phone.”  He’s always quick with a helpful suggestion.  He also said that until I call them tomorrow, any further conversation tonight isn’t productive so we should stop talking about it.  Since when have I been interested in my conversations being productive?  What a bizarre point of view that man has.  And he really shouldn’t grind his teeth like that.  It’s bad for the enamel.


Picture of the Day:

Got the dishweasher on Thursday, and finally weashed the first load of dishes today.


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