I Have Fallen In Love, Guest-Eating Chandeliers, and a Bizarre Carpet Installation

People, I am in love.  Love!  Ahh, l’amour!

So, I have a friend named Patti.  I like Patti, especially her new haircut.  But what I’m really loving about Patti right now is her house.

Oh, her house!

Patti is the president of the homeschool co-op that my family attends.  Every month she hosts a Homeschool Co-op Planning Meeting in her home.  Tonight, the meeting was in the house she just moved into this past month.

When I arrived, she said I could go on a self-guided tour of the home, so I did.  But I made it barely 10 feet past the front door when I was confronted with this.  I mean, look at this!  

Now, that, my friends, is no mere chandelier.  That is a capitalized-in-italics Chandelier.

Here’s a closeup:

No, I didn’t have to stand on the table for the shot, though I usually find myself climbing on tables and certainly lying in the dirt for many of my pictures.  But this time, I used the swivel screen on my camera, so I could hold the camera above my head and still see what I was shooting.

You can’t get a chandelier like that anymore.  That chandelier came with the house when it was first built.  Patti said, “I’m not sure how to clean it.  If it gets dirty we might just replace it.”

Patti!  No!

I’ll come and clean it for you if it means you keep that chandelier.  I’d offer to take it off your hands, but my three chandeliers are placed in major walkways through my house.  I’m afraid I’d lose too many tall guests in the depths of that chandelier, so it’ll have to stay at Patti’s.

After I managed to peel myself away from the chandelier, I wandered through the rest of the house.  Here are the light fixtures in the bathroom, being reflected in the mirror.  Lovely.

And this is the built in cupboard in the bathroom.  If you’re plucky enough, I’m sure you can get to a new world in the back of this cupboard.

Do you remember when I posted recently about UNHs (Ugly New Homes) and asked, “Where is the crazy blue shag carpet in the spare room?”  Well, Patti’s house doesn’t have crazy blue shag carpet.  No.  It has crazy orange shag carpet.  Even better!   See:

You’ll never guess where it is.

It’s in the bathroom.

But not on the floor.  No.  Look:

It’s on the walls!  If you’re thinking, “Surely that shag carpet is not on the walls of the bathroom!  Surely that’s some sort of photography trick,” let me be swift to reassure you that it most certainly is on the walls and most certainly is in the bathroom.

I managed to get these shots off super-fast before the meeting began.  But I need to invite myself to her house so I can take more pictures.

And drool a bit more over that chandelier.


Picture of the Day.  Babysitting Janie.


5 thoughts on “I Have Fallen In Love, Guest-Eating Chandeliers, and a Bizarre Carpet Installation

  1. Cleaning the Chandelier isn’t hard. My mom has a beaut that she takes down every 6 months and hand cleans every crystal. Having helped many times over the years, I can attest to the time consumingness of the job, but it isn’t hard. I will find out what she uses, if Patti likes. I think it is a special cleaner from a lighting store or simply distilled water.

  2. No problem. I would volunteer to come help if I lived a bit closer. My mom said, “There is a special cleaner you can buy from a lighting store but it is very expensive and Windex is just as good. Wearing rubber gloves or cotton, if you have them, pour Windex in a small bowl (use a small bowl because you dump it and refill as it gets dirty), take it apart one piece at a time, dunk each crystal/part into Windex, pull it out, let it drip, wipe dry with a paper towel (you will be using LOTS!), lay each crystal/part with like crystals/parts flat (so you can put it back together easier), do not stack the crystals/parts, cover with more paper towel so they don’t collect more dust, and repeat until you have cleaned all parts. Don’t work directly under the chandalier. When it is completely undressed, lay brown paper bags or some other absorbant material under the chandalier skeleton. Starting at the top, spray with Windex repeatedly while working your way down and all around until it drips freely. When it stops dripping, again working from the top, pat dry. Then redress starting at the top. Repeat at least once a year. A true crystal chandalier should sparkle like diamonds. When it doesn’t, clean it. Don’t let children help. If the crystals bang together, they chip. Also, little hands = lots of oil = more dirt. You can do the drip method once in between the full undress method but it doesn’t get it as clean. If one does break, take the whole part to a lighting store and they can help replace it. It may not be a perfect replacement, but it will be close. If the frame is nasty/rubbed off finish, get some gold rub-on paste from a craft store and rub it on. It can be tricky. It dries fast.” My Nana did this every 6 months when she owned a lighting store but my mom does it once a year. It sounds complicated but it is actually easy once you get started. Don’t try to do all of your chandaliers in one day. Please take before and after pictures and put them on The Blog so my mom can see. Good luck!
    (BTW, please forgive my spelling errors. Dyslexia runs rampant in my family. It also is worse when typing one handed while on the phone.)

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