A Bad Wife, A Bitter Man, Wacky Jackie, and a Bald President

In honor of this month of thanksgiving, here is another thing I am thankful for:

I am thankful that no one has called me Wacky Jackie in 20 years.

Twenty years ago I had a coworker named Tim.  We weren’t on the exact same schedule (thank goodness), but there were plenty of evenings where Tim and I were forced to work together.

Tim was going through a bitter divorce.  Not sure of the details.  All we knew was that he was married to a Demon Wife.  Oh, she was horrible.  She had brown hair (tsk, tsk, can you believe it?) and an English accent and was the Worse Person Who Ever Lived.  She had to be bad.  You can tell who the bad guys are in the movies because they’re the ones with the English accents, so that’s how we knew.

Tim would go on and on about how much he hated her.

Whenever I was unlucky enough to have to work with Tim, he would pass the time by picking on me.  No, not in a fun way.  He would pick and say rude things and give me mean looks.  Frankly, I found his aggression terrifying and did my best never to be alone with him.

And whenever he was done his incessant picking, he would end it with his final insult, in italics, “You’re just like my wife.


I figured the poor woman was lucky to be escaping from Tim, because if she was just like me, then you know she was awesome and Tim was the crazy one in the relationship.

Tim wrote a poem for me.  It went like this:

Wacky Jackie,

She wears khaki,

And chews tobaccy.

No one has written poetry for me in 20 years, and I’m for that I’m truly thankful.


Picture of the Day:

In light of the recent elections, I guess we should finally get around to growing Obama some hair.

Gerhard gave us this Chia last December on Saint Nicholas day.  In the tradition of Saint Nicholas day, you get a good gift if you’re good, or a bad gift if you’re bad.

Before we opened the Obama Chia, Gerhard said, “This present could be either good or bad.  If you’re a good Democrat, then it’s a good present.  But if you’re a bad Republican, then it’s a bad present.”

And here he is again.  I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better.


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