What do Lost, Babylon 5, Once Upon a Time, and Voting Have in Common?

Did you watch Lost?  The tv show?  If you didn’t, then maybe you watched Babylon 5?

In those shows, as you watch the first few episodes, you’re pretty sure you have the characters figured out.  But then, an episode will tell the person’s backstory, and you realize that you had that person all wrong.  All wrong!

Aside:  I asked Darling Husband if he could think of another show with evolving characters and he blurted out, “Knight Rider!”  Sigh.

An evolving character in Lost is Kate.  We meet Kate in the first episode.  She’s plucky and brave.  But!  Then you find out that before the plane crashed, she was a prisoner of a US Marshal.  A prisoner?! Surely, she was innocent, right?  She looks innocent and she acts innocent.  It must have been a frame up.  But no!  More backstory!  She was guilty!  Wha..??!

And now, no more spoilers.

But the point is that you just don’t know.  The information that you have is spotty and incomplete.  You think you know…but you don’t.

Voting is like that.  I voted, yes, but I didn’t like it.  Too stressful. You might think you know the candidate or the issues, but it’s always more complex than you realize.  Maybe the candidate is plucky and brave, but maybe they’re also a drug addict.  Or a swindler.  Or maybe they’re even one of The Others!  Oooo.  Very bad.

The best part about voting was getting to stand in the little booth with the curtain, just like the Wizard of Oz.

Aside for Once Upon a Time fans, which also has evolving characters, come to think of it:

Spoilers abound, if you’re not up to date in your watching:

Dr. Frankenstein is totally also the Wizard of Oz.  Rewatch the episode–there are a bazillion clues.

And what was in Pinnochio’s box??  I think it was the drawing of Rumple’s knife that Pinocchio had in another episode.  Because we all know that Neal has got to be Bae, so he recognized the knife and knew Pinocchio was from the Enchanted Forest.

How did Bae not age?  Easy.  He was in Never-never land as an abandoned Lost Boy–one of the Lost Boys that Hook talked about.  After he went down the bean hole, he ended up in our world without his dad.  So, he tried to get back to his dad, but ended up in Never-never land instead, where he stayed a boy for a few hundred years, and then came back to our land and started aging.  All of the Lost Boys are from our land, so there’s got to be a way to get there from here.

Did you note that when Pinocchio asked Neal, “Do you believe in magic?” Neal evaded the question with, “I can see that you do.”  After he saw something in the box (his father’s knife) he look stoic and resigned to listening to what Pinocchio had to say.  If he had seen something magical, but had never seen magic before, he wouldn’t have looked stoic.  He’d have looked shocked.

Once Upon a Time speculations over.


Picture of the day:

Frozen buckets of water.  We collected some water during the hurricane for…well…I don’t really know what for.  Maybe so that if someone went into labor we could boil the water.  That’s what they do in the movies.

“I’m in labor!”

“Quick!  Somebody boil some water!  And get towels!”  I understand the towel thing.  You should never be without your towel.

Anyway.  I decided to bring in the buckets of water and use them to flush the toilet.  I always wanted to see if that works, and it does!  But I couldn’t lift the bigger buckets.

How is it that gathering water is always a woman’s chore in those countries that gather water from wells?  Water is heavy!  We live in a topsy turvry world.  Gathering water should be a burly man job or maybe a sporting event for Scottish men in the highlands.


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