Parenting Mistakes, Charlie Brown, and Machiavelli

Today Boy10 worked on his report on Niccolo Machiavelli.  Yes, just like Charlie Brown having to read War and Peace over his Christmas vacation, Boy10 has to write a report on Machiavelli.

On one hand, I like Machiavelli because he was purported to be hilariously funny and would make people laugh until they wept.  That’s my kind of guy!  But he also believed that political leaders should be as ruthless and dishonest and manipulative as they need to be (up to and including brutal murders) to keep the government stable.  That’s not my kind of guy!

Boy10 is writing this for a co-op class he’s taking on The Renaissance.  Yes, homeschooled children take nerdy classes like that.  What makes it nerdy is that they love taking classes on things like The Renaissance.  But this is ok, because we all know that the nerds inherit the earth, so I’m just setting him up for his rule.

Wait a minute…if he’s going to rule…then maybe I should have steered him clear of Machiavelli.  Dang it!  No one warns you that parenting will be full of pitfalls like this!  *face palm*

Next week:  10 page reports on Gandhi and the Dalai Lama.


Picture of the day:

Sunlight in the backyard on a fall day.


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