Terrifying the Guests, BoohBah, and “Man Goes Into Labor at Local Theater–Story at 11”

Due to a heating malfunction, the boys are currently avoiding attempting to sleep on the pull out bed-couch in the living room instead of upstairs in their freezing room.

As you all know, I live in an 8000 year old house built shortly after WWII when people in their twenties actually wanted to move out of their parent’s houses.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t afford anything much larger than the cabin Abraham Lincoln grew up in.

This means that while the boys are in a different room from me (the living room vs the dining room) it honestly shouldn’t count as two rooms. By today’s colossal square footage standards, my living room and dining room combined would be about the size of the master bathroom in a UNH (Ugly New House.)

Now, you might wonder why the soothing pattering of typing would keep them awake, but I’ve been told that I’m a particularly aggressive typist. Darling Husband has spent many an evening amusing himself with his unflattering impressions of Jackie, The Frantic Typist.  Last time Claude was here and I was writing The Blog, he thought I was only pretending to type because the volume and speed were so startling.

And, yes, last time Claude and Kendra were here I wrote the blog, ignoring them and terrifying them with my typing, but they started it.

I went to the bathroom and when I came back Darling Husband was muttering to himself while looking at hurricane information on his iPad…

…Claude was playing a (perplexing, apparently) game on his iPad…

…and Kendra had assembled her entire laptop/mouse combo and was editing photographs of a wedding.  Under such astounding peer pressure, was it any wonder that I caved and joined in the melee with my own electronic device?

Back to the boys unable to sleep because of my typing:  I’m thinking to myself, “If I can take a refreshing nap during ‘Wreck it Ralph’ in a theater with Dolby Surround Sound, surely you can sleep through a peaceful pitter-patter of the keyboard.”

They’re not buying it.

‘Wreck it Ralph’ was an ok kid movie.  Some kid movies are really good and I actually enjoy them.  Like ‘Tangled’.

But there are, of course, many kid movies that are so bad that watching them causes you so much pain that you mistakenly think you’ve just gone into labor and find yourself dashing from the theater only to realize you’re not even pregnant.   This must be a particularly discomfiting scenario for those of you who aren’t female.  ‘Wreck it Ralph’ was somewhere in the middle (not the best nor the worst), hence the nap halfway through.

Watching it made me think of something I thought I was thankful for, but now I’m not so sure I can be thankful for it yet.  In the spirit of all my Facebook friends who are posting One Thing a Day that they’re Thankful For, here is the first item on my list:

#1.  I am thankful that I’ll never have to watch another episode of Boohbah for the rest of my life.  What a relief!  (I would not recommend clicking on this Boohbah link.)

I was giddy and lighthearted about this realization until it hit me that there are still scores of bad kid movies and sitcoms (oh, please–not the bad kid sitcoms!) coming my way.  So, I’ll have to hold off on that “being thankful that I never have to watch Boohbah” thing for another decade or so.  Check back with me in November of 2022.


Picture of the day:

Becky gave me this 10% off coupon for Li’s Buffet.  As Boy10 said, “Is she crazy?  She gave it away?”  Last time we were at Li’s, we had a lengthy conversation about how they’ve played the exact same CD at Li’s for the past 400 years.  But today at Li’s, whaddya know: they were playing a brand new CD.


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