My New 70’s ‘Do

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been growing out my hair.  It’s been quite the ride.  For the past couple of days, this is what’s been happening:

Now, quick: look at this video.  Yes, you have to click on it.  If you’re at work, turn down the volume.  Go 45 seconds in for a closeup.  Go on–get clicking.  I won’t write another word until you do.

Are you back? …

Wow!  Do you see that resemblance!  Wow!  Not only does my hair look eerily similar to hers, but I even dance like her.  Well, I dance a little better; I like to add a little finger snap every few beats just to keep it fresh.

Normally I’d write more, but I’ve stayed up so late for so many nights in a row that I’m about two seconds from passing ou…. *thunk—-zzzzzzzz*


4 thoughts on “My New 70’s ‘Do

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