I Pried the iPad out of the Boys’ Sweaty Palms and Got Something Done

While the rest of you were sleeping this morning between midnight and 2 a.m. I was up saving the world.   Then I got up at 8:30 (thank you Mom for calling at 8:15 while I was still sleeping) to do it all over again.

First, in the darkness of the night, I was the sole defense against ghosts…

..and vicious intergalactic planetary pigs…

Then I did my good deeds for the day.  Fed the fishies who don’t have enough to eat...

…shoed the Hatchi with no shoes on their feet…

and housed the people livin’ in the street.

After that, it was time for safety, so I engineered staircases that won’t crumbled under a 500 pound weight.  Never did get it right, so be careful next time you’re on a stairway.

Then I put order to things.  Put the rings into threes:

….and the jewels into threes….

…and raced the cars around the trees.

The end of the day was a little violent, where I blew up some robots

…and killed a bunch of bugs by making spider webs–which was a fun game until looking at all the bugs started to make me itchy.

Impressive, huh?  I’ll bet you didn’t get near as much done as I did today.





Fly like an Eagle

Stairway to Heaven

That dwarf song from The Hobbit

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

The Distance

Mr. Roboto

Poison Ivy


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